10 STEAM activities to do with kids at home

If digitization was not already a "thing" in our world, the Pandemic has brought forward digitization at least 10 years, and technology (almost too) close to home!

What does this mean for our little ones?

It has never been more relevant to set foundations for our kids to thrive in an increasingly digital world. 

Does this mean more screen time?

Not at all!

Our friends at Little Robot Friends have generously shared some funtastic STEAM activities to do with kids at home and these are not just to create foundations to build coding skills!

but first:

What is STEAM and why is it important?

Who says learning to love science, technology, engineering, art and math requires sitting indoors in front of a screen? We certainly don’t! With our company motto being “Make. Play. Code.”, we embrace the subjects wherever they take place! STEAM is more than building bridges and coding robots (though that’s our favourite)! Fashion designers, marketers, astrophysicist, and many more careers involve science, technology, engineering, art, and math.

what is STEAM


Try this one STEAM activity and if you like it, there's 9 more below!

 design a lego maze

One of the first steps to learn to think like a programmer is understanding
perspective. Creating a maze, and planning the escape route, is a fun way to
develop a beginning programmer’s mindset.

This open-ended task lets kids follow parts of a real design process, such as
brainstorming, prototyping, and testing.

How to build a Lego Maze

1) Find a large baseplate or create one using several flat pieces.

2) Gather a variety of Lego pieces that are two studs wide.

3) Use the pieces create a wall around the perimeter of the baseplate.
Leave space for a start and end point. The space should allow a
marble to pass through.

4) Then create the maze inside the perimeter. Leave about 3-4 studs
between walls to allow space for a marble.

5) Once complete, grab a marble. Pick up the baseplate. Drop the
marble at one end of the maze, and tilt and move the baseplate until
the marble makes its way to the end.

9 more STEAM activities to do with your kids at home 

(which do not involve a screen and can be done with little ones as young as 3!)

1. Start a Wonder Journal

2. Model a Love of Learning 

3. Practice Making Predictions

4. Create a Makerspace

5. Build a Catapult

6. Stock Up on Sidewalk Chalk

7. Design a Lego Maze

8. Start a Chore Chart

9. Paperbot Kit

10. Family Game Night

Have fun and Happy Learning!

And a big thank you to Little Robot Friends for sharing these amazing activities and expertise with us!

For more great ideas like this and including online classes for little ones - visit www.littlerobotfriends.com

About Little Robot Friends

Little Robot Friends is a team of designers, engineers, and educators who are passionate about changing the way our kids learn. From basic introductions to code and electronics, to making robot superheroes, we are always running workshops and building products that will inspire kids’ creative imagination.

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