100% cotton socks - do they exist? Yes but not quite 100%!

We love 100 % cotton socks. In a world full of synthetics, cotton is as close to nature as we get. Cotton has been grown for food, fibre, and even fuel for over 6,000 years. It really has become the fabric of our lives. Cotton is a natural choice for socks because of the breathability and comfort that it lends itself to. It is clear that for those of us who seek natural fabrics also seek 100% cotton socks.

This was exactly the start of our journey, however very quickly it became clear that truly 100% cotton socks did not exist and at the very least there would be some spandex in them. 

In fact we were very frustrated to find the majority of socks advertised as “100% cotton” was not 100% cotton. 

It was not until we studied socks in a lot of depth and started manufacturing our very first prototype did we begin to understand the use of other materials in socks and how to create socks that last without the chemicals and concerns of the other materials.

 roll of spandex

Why spandex in socks?

Elastic or spandex is needed in any sock in order for the sock to stay up. It will simply fall down without it! 

The good news is that the elastic is often covered and does not come in contact with skin - a concern, especially for more sensitive skin - at least in the case of Q for Quinn socks!

Why nylon, polyamide, polyester in socks?

There are areas on the foot that are more easily damaged / typically experience more wear and heal - specifically the heel and toe areas. 

Furthermore, when socks are more patterned - have a lot of different colours, the knitting process of the socks makes some of these joints more vulnerable. 

Polyamide in our case is used for reinforcements and strength. Socks with polyamide typically last longer, especially if it has a complex pattern. 

This is why our socks have polyamide (including our very first prototype) and we have found no decrease in efficacy for sensitive, eczema prone skin with the polyamide.  

Is polyamide toxic?

Polyester and polyamide have often been cited as harmful to health.

These fabrics are not breathable and can be a real irritant to our skin. This is why we keep any addition of this to a bare minimum - our composition of cotton starts at 80%. It is very important to note that there are different grades and types of polyamide and the materials we use are all tested for over 100 harmful substances and certified by GOTS. This ensures that our socks are free from common chemicals like lead, BPA, formaldehyde, other parabens and are also more gentle on sensitive skin.

 cotton plant

Should I buy 100% cotton socks for my baby?

Yes! The higher the cotton content, the more soft and breathable the socks will be! 100% cotton socks are your best choice and will help keep your baby comfortable and warm. Your baby can wear cotton socks all year round. Because cotton socks are so breathable, they won't cause your baby to overheat. 

Polyester socks are not breathable, as with many other synthetic fabrics, so just watch out and check your labels. 

Where can I buy (almost) 100% cotton socks?

From much research and prototyping we have developed our own collection of 98% organic cotton socks and 2% spandex, including a pure organic cotton collection which comes in the natural colours of cotton - no skin irritating dyes. This blend is perfect because it has just enough stretch so that the socks wont fall off of little feet. 

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