6 Easy Back to School Capsule Wardrobe Tips!

It’s almost time for back to school and those fall mornings will be cool, but afternoon temperatures can fluctuate between 10℃ and 15℃. Inside school can get warm with all those bodies and the furnace running. So focusing on layering will help your kids stay comfortable all day long!

  1. Socks

Let’s start first with the feet and some cotton (organic if possible) socks. Cotton is a soft, breathable and a non-irritating natural fiber. It allows little feet to breathe, and move comfortably.

Q for Quinn Organic Cotton Socks

From left to right, The Soft Track Jacket, The Soft Track Pants, Q For Quinn Socks, Photo Credit: Pictonat Photography

  1. T-shirts

Second, the kids will need some  100% cotton (organic if possible) short sleeve t-shirts. Again we want that soft breathable cotton, with fun prints to allow our kids to express themselves. A good Tee will allow them to move freely and stretches slightly with wear.

Organic Cotton Jacket and T Shirts

From left to right, The Soft Track Jacket, The Orca T-shirt, Various Poco Mono T-shirts.  Photo Credit: Pictonat Photography

  1. Dressing Up

Thirdly some soft dresses or overalls are perfect for days when you want to them to dress up a bit. Photo Credit: Pictonat PhotographyOrganic Cotton Dresses and Overalls

From left to right, The Wild Horses Dress, The Soft Track Jacket, The Tapered Overall, Dr. Martens for Toddlers. Photo Credit: Pictonat Photography

  1. Bottoms

Bottoms up! Fourth we want a few cozy and stretchy track pants and leggings for movement with stretchy waistlines for easy off and on!

Organic Cotton Bottoms

From left to right, The Orca T-shirt, The Soft Track Pant. Photo Credit: Pictonat Photography

  1. Zip-up

Fifth we need those outer layers that keep their chests warm and cozy when outdoors. A soft zip-up sweater under a softshell jacket are layers that will protect from the cold and wind. As the day warms up, they can easily remove them.

Organic Cotton Jacket

From left to right, The Soft Track Jacket. Photo Credit: Pictonat Photography

  1. Head Wear

Finally, top it all off with a nice stretchy beanie, for those chilly mornings or days when we don’t want to fight about brushing their hair. Cute headwear will add style and individuality to their sweet little outfits.

Organic Cotton outfits

From left to right, ATTN2DETAIL Reversible Slouchy Beanie, The Race Car T-shirt, The Soft Track Pant, Hershel Toque, Mini Mioche Slouchy Beanie. Photo Credit: Pictonat Photography

And that’s a wrap! Aside from fashion, dressing for their environment protects little bodies and their core temperature. During the Fall, it is important to dress your kids in 100% cotton layers so they can make the most out of each day, and can learn comfortably! And don’t forget to support local whenever you can.

Erin Williams
Founder, Pocomono

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