A Perfectly Mismatched Lifestyle - The meaning behind this statement

You might have already read the back story of Q for Quinn.

What started off on a whim out of frustration from constantly scrambling for matching pairs of socks for my son, has soon evolved to become a brand and company that’s more than just about solving this problem. Q for Quinn is a children’s lifestyle brand that stands for playful self-expression, spontaneity and being different.

Here’s the inside scoop on how the vision for Q for Quinn came about in my own words:

As I continued to develop the idea and vision for Q for Quinn further, I developed quite a list of must-haves that Q for Quinn had to represent:  

  • I wanted to take the boring out of a basic accessory (socks) so that children (and parents) can get excited about them – the socks therefore had to be colourful, bold and playful – just like kids!
  • I wanted children to identify and learn from our patterns - we wrote a beautifully illustrated children’s book about socks, and then later another book about dreams.
  • I wanted any products we sell to be safe and free from harmful chemicals, something that I am trying to do myself as a conscious consumer – we source GOTS certified organic cotton (link to blog here) for our socks and other clothing items; our books are printed on FSC certified paper using vegetable based inks.
  • I wanted the socks to be of the highest quality, fit nicely and last a very long time – we only use the softest organic combed cotton and spent months prototyping to find the best fit for kids at different stages of growth.
  • I wanted Q for Quinn to be a voice for the most vulnerable children in our communities – we have partnered (and continue to partner) with organizations changing children’s lives everyday: The New Mom Project and the Young Center.
  • I (of course) wanted to offer a practical solution to losing socks in the wash (or otherwise!) – our socks are sold in collections of three pairs each, all designed to be worn mismatched. The result? Three pairs with nine possibilities and no single socks thrown away!
  • I wanted to celebrate the diversity in this world. Our books feature characters from different ethnic backgrounds; but most importantly our socks give kids the freedom to express themselves - be who they are.

While all of the above must haves are key parts of the Q for Quinn brand, the one that’s particularly close to me is the last one. I grew up in a country that was torn by a civil war, I have come to really appreciate the freedom of thought, diversity and self-expression. If there was one thing I wanted people to identify my brand it was this. In giving children the freedom to mix and match their socks, I want to encourage kids (and adults) to create their own perfectly mismatched lifestyle that represents who they are. This message is subtly embedded in the stories we tell and the products we sell!

Lots of Love,

Melita xo

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