Back to School with Q for Quinn

Do you feel like you are never on top of your laundry? Do you often find yourself with a drawer full of single, lonely socks? Are you constantly scrambling to find a matching pair on busy school mornings for the kids (and maybe even for you)?

There’s probably a thousand ways one could get organized to get back to school. Finding the right gear (backpacks, lunch boxes, labels etc.,) is one of them. Although it may not seem obvious, here’s how Q for Quinn and our “designed to be mismatched” kids socks can help you get organized this September:

Our socks are sold in collections of three pairs each, all designed to be worn mismatched. Our kids socks look like they match even when they don’t The result, 3 pairs with 9 possibilities. You spend a lot less time looking for socks.. and your child has the freedom to mix and match patterns, giving them an opportunity to explore their uniqueness, embrace their individuality and create a style of their own. Really a win-win solution for parents and kids!

And if you are sitting there reading this and thinking, “I need these socks for myself.” Well we are so pleased to announce that we are not far off from this. Stay tuned for our updates on pre-orders and when we will be shipping out our new releases!

Did you also know that Quinn's Socks is a great 'learning to read' book? With simple rhymes and a catchy meter this is an easy and fun read for kids beginning to read!

Make Q for Quinn part of your Back to School shopping list!

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