Boy Shorts Aren't Just for Boys

Some things about childhood should be sacred. Children should get lots of love and lots of outdoors time. They need time to explore their worlds and pursue their interests. And they shouldn’t be forced  into wearing old-fashioned, uncomfortable clothing, just because of their gender.

The most comfortable organic cotton underwear for little girls are boy shorts. A seamless ‘boyshort’ style is much more comfortable than traditional girls’ underwear, so they’re easy to wear all day without tugging or fidgeting. Our organic boyshorts for girls come in variety of fun colors for little girls of all sizes and ages, making them a fun choice that is also soft and gentle on the skin.

Boy shorts aren’t just for boys! Here’s why.

The Most Comfortable Organic Cotton Underwear for Girls

We all want to empower our little girls to be brave and confident, and many parents let them make their own clothing choices, even if that means wearing a tutu to pre-school here and there.

Yet when it comes to their underwear, we’re stuck in the ‘80s, only giving them uncomfortable and needlessly ‘girly’ old-school panties. Talk about mixed messages, and talk about uncomfortable!

That’s why we created our girls boyshorts in fun, appealing colors and stripes that your child will love wearing. No more tugging, not more fidgeting, no more fits of frustration while getting dressed.  And no more painful wedgies. Because really, why are we giving our little girls clothing that makes them so uncomfortable?

Our organic cotton underwear for girls is tagless, with flatlock seams – making it an especially great choice for kiddos with sensory issues. They’re soft and gentle, lightweight and breathable. And just as importantly – they’re super fun to wear.

Think Outside the Old-School Children’s Clothing Box

We’re proponents of a perfectly mismatched lifestyle that encourages kids to be kids, and we believe that creating a more diverse world starts at home.

That’s why we encourage parents to think differently about their clothing choices.

First, why can’t little girls wear boyshorts? Yes, there are mechanical reasons why boys and girls need different underwear. But that doesn’t mean little girls should be pigeon-holed into frilly and lacy underwear that is too small, too annoying and too awkward to wear.

And we also believe that for all children’s clothing and especially for ‘intimates’ like underwear and socks, we also need to think outside the box when it comes to their production and materials.

You may have heard of the dirty dozen when it comes to produce, but there is a dirty dozen of clothing materials, too. Due to mass production, the amount of harmful chemicals found in clothing today (even from major retailers) is alarming. And since children’s little brains and bodies are still developing, they may be particularly sensitive.

And that’s not even to mention the true environmental and ethical impacts of ‘fast fashion.’

We know that many parents share our philosophy: clothing that is worn close to the body and for long periods of time needs to be gentle and safe. And many parents also share our commitment to a better, cleaner planet.

That’s why our organic cotton under for girls is 100% free of BPA, parabens, formaldehyde, lead and other toxins commonly found in children’s clothing. Every pair of our boyshorts is certified by GOTS, the gold standard for organic textiles. Our facilities and materials are regularly tested, and they’re ethically made in a GOTS-certified, family-owned facility in India.

Plus, for every pair purchased, we donate a school meal to one of the world’s poorest children, through the Mary’s Meals program.

Our organic boyshorts for girls come in pastel, sailor stripes, and a cute ‘funny creatures’ pattern, and we offer free shipping on orders over $75 in Canada and the United States. Shop our whole store here.

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