Earth Day 2021: The 6 best household items to help you go green!

With Earth Day fast approaching, this Thursday April 22nd, we would like to share our favourite zero waste household items to help you strive to live an earth-conscious, eco-friendly lifestyle. While there are many things we can do to go green, replacing our wasteful home and kitchen products with reusable, sustainable items, as linked below, is a great first step!

1. Swedish Dishcloths 

swedish dish cloths, biodegradable

Swedish dishcloths are reusable cloths that come in many fun designs to choose from! 1 cloth replaces approximately 17 rolls of paper and absorbs 20x its weight, working on all surfaces in kitchens and bathrooms. Not only do they save you money on your next grocery trip, they are also eco-friendly -- Swedish dishcloths are washable, reusable and biodegradable! Didn’t think it could get better? Thesy also dry very quickly, meaning they don’t absorb and release any bad smell!

Find them at: Most sustainable/organic markets - some Canadian examples are Bare Market (, Putti (, Simply Natural Canada (


2. Beeswax Paper 

natural beeswax paper

Using beeswax paper is an extremely simple way to reduce waste at home! Like swedish dishcloths, beeswax paper comes in many designs and shapes - you can try out different styles and see what you prefer! It can also be matched to your kitchen decor, adding a heightened sense of design in your space. Another perk of using this product is that they can be bought in multiple sizes, depending on the various food items you want to store (snacks vs sandwiches, etc.).

Beeswax paper replaces plastic wraps, making it reusable and compostable, lasting up to one year! It’s also extremely simple to use: you just need to fold and seal the wrap by hand, resulting in a successful wrap for your food items, or even a cover for your jars and containers!

Find them at: Baltic Marche (, Nature Bee Wraps (


3. Stasher Bags 

stasher reusable bags

If beeswax wraps aren’t your thing, then Stasher bags are the way to go! The simple design makes them extremely easy to use and comes in all sizes. These reusable, non-toxic silicone bags are meant to replace the plastic single-use ones we tend to use in our everyday life. Stasher bags also come in all sizes, you can even purchase bundles based on the types of foods you want to store in them!

By purchasing Stasher Bags, you are preventing billions of single-use plastic bags from polluting our oceans! 

Find them at: The original can be found on, but they can also be found through stores like Canadian Tire, Indigo and even Walmart. 


4. Produce + Market Bags 

mesh produce bagmesh shopping bag



Reusable bags are another quick and easy solution to reduce waste and pollution - there are produce and market bags of all shapes and sizes to cater to your needs! Mesh produce bags are the perfect solution to getting rid of single use produce bags from the supermarket. Paired with market bags that replace plastic bags, these two items are bound to make your trips to the grocery store much more sustainable - and a lot more fashionable! Best of all, the bags are simple enough to also be used to carry any other items, such as toys for the park, or even your gym items! 

Find them at: IKEA, Urban Outfitters, The Green Jar (, Clementine ( 

5. Biodegradable Sponges 

biodegradable sponge 

Not only are these sponges 100% biodegradable making them the ultimate eco-friendly sponge, they also come as compressed tabs! They take up minimal space and expand to full size once soaked in water, and are biodegradable in 2 months. They are also dishwasher safe.

Find them at: The Green Jar (


6. Reusable Straws 

reusable straws

Whether you prefer metal, bamboo or glass, reusable straws are a super simple eco-friendly tool to carry around with you! Straw kits come with a cleaning brush and are a safe and ecological alternative to single-use plastics. Sold in many various colours and materials, reusable straws are the perfect companion to bring with you on your cafe trips and morning smoothie runs! 

Find them at: Most department or kitchenware stores, Baltic Marche (

We hope that these stylish yet highly sustainable household items have inspired you to opt for a more eco-friendly lifestyle. Even our smallest actions have an impact on our Earth, so let’s treat it with kindness!

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