WEEK 3 - Happy & Healthy Weekly - Earth Day / Gardening Edition

It is EARTH week next week. Q for Quinn strives to create products that are gentle on the skin AND our planet.  We do this by sourcing organic cotton, and recycled materials for our packaging.

As a mom, I want to teach and instill in our kids the importance of taking care of our planet - because #thereisnoplanetb.

Therefore, next week we will focus our activities on the importance of #recycling and taking care of our earth. 

We will also use this opportunity to teach our little ones (and maybe ourselves) how to garden and take care of our plants. 

I'm no gardener by any means. We've had our house for just over 5 years now and I have done the absolute minimum to keep our backyard clean and healthy. 

However, now in the Pandemic, our backyard is our favourite spot to hang out and given my kids, Jacob and Isabella are a little older, I'm motivated to try to become a better gardener myself and teach the kids how to garden as well. 

So this week we will be learning how to Garden with some fun activities. We will start indoors so it is easier to manage and also introduce kids to gardening in a stress free, easy way. As we master this skill and learn to understand what's required for happy and healthy plant growth, we will look to plant outside!

Earth Week Activities | Gardening Activities With Kids

This week I wanted to share with your 3 of our staple recipes that we often make every week. The kids love them and so do we!

1. Honey Glazed Carrots

2. Oven Risotto with Kale Pesto

3. Oatmeal Banana Chocolate Chips Pancakes


This week we are launching our Mother's Day special - receive a FREE bar of orange organic chocolate with your order over $75. 

Add the organic vegan chocolate to your pancakes / muffins or cake or enjoy on its own for a delicious treat!

Earth Week Activities | Gardening Activities With Kids

The kids and I often venture out for a walk in the morning when there's not many people out. We are lucky enough to have a backyard. So we often go out and while the kids rake or draw on the deck with their chalk, I'm doing yoga, squats and interval training during this time if I can!

As a mom in these times, you got to get your movements in whenever you can! Sometimes just 10 minutes can make a difference to your body and how you feel. Here are some free 10 minute routine we are looking to try: Nourish Move Love

We love following Reena Parekh on Instagram for inspiration on impromptu workouts when out and about with the kids. 

Earth Week Activities | Gardening Activities With Kids

This week, we are going to try to learn some gardening skills. My toddler does some gardening at his pre-school, which he talks a lot about, so we'll see how he does with these activities!

Beyond giving a break from the screens, gardening with kids can help teach and nuture key skills and traits amongst young children in many ways including

1) knowing how food is grown and how it needs to be cared for
2) instilling responsibility - make sure your toddler or kid knows it is their responsibility to plant and nurture and take care of their plants!


According to a study published in the Journal of Physiological Anthropology, active interaction (like touching and smelling) with indoor plants can reduce physiological and psychological stress.

So where can we start?

We thought we would start with indoors first and if you are like me you might want to check out the beginners guide we have put together. 

For more options to garden with kids, check out these easy activities from kidsgardening.org

Other activities for Earth Day / Earth Week?

As we go through our daily activities we will be talking to our little ones about the importance of #recycling and reducing waste so that we can do our part to take care of our earth and planet. 

For some downloadable coloring sheets for Earth Day click here

Click on the image below to download the PDF with clickable links to all our activities for the week!

The schedule also has some other activities including previous weeks activities we can include. Check out last weeks activities here.

Earth Week Activities | Gardening Activities With Kids
Earth Week Activities | Gardening Activities With Kids

This week, I'm continuing my 1 hour / day challenge to take at least 1 hour every day to do something for myself (not work or kid related!). 

I got on my bike (which I hadn't ridden in 4 years eeek!) and started biking around the neighbourhood - it felt good. 

How did last week go for you? What did you do for you?
Make sure you continue to remind yourself to take an hour every single day to do something that feels good for you.

Do you journal?

A friend of mine recently recommended I try the 5 minute journal. She said it had made a difference to her week - from having weeks where she felt up and down, she started journal and had been feeling up / happy every single day that week. I mean, in a Pandemic, that is HUGE!

So this week I purchased the 5 minute journal and am waiting to receive it. Will report back next week!

Earth Week Activities | Gardening Activities With Kids

Last week we shared tips that work have been working for me. 

How did you like this?

If you have your husband working at home as well, have you considered dividing your day between the two of you?

My husband still gets the majority of the day as he is managing a team and I have more flexibility with my schedule, but I try to get at least 1-2 hours during the day, which makes a huge difference to my productivity. 

If you don't have these options and if there is a way for you to talk to your employer or "scale back" a little until this passes,it might be a good idea to do so. I personally keep reminding myself that this situation is extremely unusual and we have to do whatever we can to stay happy and healthy. 

It is so easy to be stressed during these times, so always always reach out to your friends / family or even us. We don't have all the answers, but we are here to listen and will do what we can to help. 

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