How to make your own COVID-19 Time Capsule with Kids.

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How to make your own time capsule for the COVID-19 Pandemic. Make one for every one in the family during this moment in History.

Remember you may use these activities to create a memory book as well, especially the photos!

Step 1:

Choose your container/s

Download your time capsule label for each family member:

time capsule label 
Choose your containers (jars, boxes, anything that can hold your items and last for many years) and attach your label to years. 
You may even choose to have one container for the entire family. 

Step 2:

Identify where the time capsule/s will be stored

You may choose to store it indoors or outdoors. Remember if you choose outdoors (dug up in your backyard or garage) to make sure your capsule is weather proof.

We will likely be keeping it in our closet hidden away and out of sight so if we did end up moving homes we might not forget it (unless of course you would like to leave it for someone else to find!). 

Step 3:

Collect all the items you would like to include in the time capsule. 

For kids, we love what graphic Artist and Mom, Natalie Long of Long Creations created - the perfect set of worksheets to include in your time capsule

You may also ask your kids to consider the following (remember we might be in isolation for several weeks so you can collect these items along the way).

Here are some items for inspiration:

What should a kid put in a time capsule?

  1.  Artwork for this period: see my niece and nephew's drawing for inspiration!

  2. Masks you have been / kids have been wearing. Anything to define this period for them. 
  3. A few kids toys or clothes they might have outgrown at the end of the period.
  4. Any homeschooling items (if you little one is not already homeschooled)
  5. As many pictures as possible printed - bonus if they took them!
  6. Their own journal entires. 
  7. Any written down or printed schedules.

What should an adult put in their time capsule? 

  1. Newspaper excerpts with headlines of these times.  
  2. Any of your own diary or journal entries.
  3. Logs of books read or movies watched
  4. Several printed pictures showing these times, with / without our mask
  5. Hand sanitizers we used.
  6. Meal plans.
  7. Pictures of our playgrounds / schools closed.
  8. Pictures of deserted streets.
  9. Anything else that defines your life right now in these unprecedented times. For example: right now Q for Quinn continues to try to cautiously expand and bring in new styles. I am documenting this journey as a small business and will include excerpts from this. I will also include samples of our new styles that we have been working on and that are also defining this moment for us as a family and business. 

Step 4:

Seal the container and store in the location you had decided in step 2!

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Some definitions:

What is a time capsule?

A time capsule is a historic collection of goods or information, usually intended as a deliberate method of communication with future people, and to help future archaeologists, anthropologists, or historians.
For the purpose of this article, we are using our time capsule to also remind ourselves of this historic event in the future.

How to make a time capsule with kids?

Step 1: Choose your container/s

Step 2: Identify where the time capsule/s will be stored

Step 3: Collect all the items you would like to include in the time capsule.

Step 4: Seal the container and store in the location you had decided in step 2!

What is a COVID-19 Time Capsule?
This is a time capsule created by people during the COVID-19 Pandemic with items that spoke to how we lived our lives during the pandemic. 


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