Liam and Alicia's story

When I published "The true cost of a $2 pair of socks or a $5 t-shirt"I thought this one was going to be the last blog post for the year and the decade!

...until I saw an email from Alicia last Sunday night while I busy hustling and ramping up for our biggest product launch of the year and feeling overwhelmed by my to-do list. 

This email made me cry. When I designed the socks for Q for Quinn I knew it had to be comfortable and safe for my own son (now son and daughter) to wear, but not in a million years did I imagine that they would offer this level of comfort for a little boy in a cast 23 hours of a day for double Club Foot, and his beautiful mama. 

Seamless Socks for Clubfoot - Liam's Story

This is what I received from Alicia: 

"Hello Melita,

I purchased Q for Quinn socks a few weeks ago for my little guy and wanted to share our story with you. He was diagnosed with double Club Foot when he was just over a year old and after 8 weeks in double leg casts and surgery on his heel he was recently fitted for an orthotic brace he currently wears for 23 hours a day! When we first got the brace we struggled to find sock that were tall enough on his leg to go above the brace, as well as finding ones that weren’t so tight that they would leave red marks on his calves after being on for 20+ hours at a time. I was also looking for socks that were made with good quality materials since he has such sensitive skin after so many weeks in casts. I was really excited when I found your company knowing I could buy a healthier and safer product to keep on his feet under his incredibly tight brace. So far they have been wonderful for him, no irritation or red marks and they fit so well under the brace. 
I’m starting to transition back to work after being off with for the past 18 months and absolutely love the matching adult socks. It’ll be so nice when I’m back at work (and missing him like crazy) to know we’ve got our matching socks on. We can’t wait to see what fun matching patterns you come up with in the future.
Thanks for making such a great product, we’ll be buying them for years to come.
Alicia & Liam"

I was so proud and moved to know that our socks were comfortable and safe for many little ones with foot eczema but this story has given me a profound sense of reward and determination to keep on strong no matter how hard this entrepreneurial journey is with two young kids. 

Thank you for sharing this beautiful story with us Alicia and we wish little Liam a speedy recovery. 




Seamless Socks for Clubfoot - Liam's StorySeamless Socks for Clubfoot - Liam's Story




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