How can we create the diversity of this world in our own homes?

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Last week, we were reading the book "Dream Big" by Joyce Wan and my 3 year old son asked me why the bus driver was asking Rosa Parks in the book to get off the bus. I really didn't know what to say to him, other than the bus driver was "not a nice person and was judging her by the colour of her skin." I also tried to explain to him how Rosa Parks became an activist and hero following the event. I don't know how much I even should be explaining to a 3 year old. I really don't know what the right course of action here is but what I do know is that it is important that my kids see themselves and the world we live in as part of the stories.  

I strongly believe that stories toys and books have the power to influence our children's minds from a very young age. If children start seeing strong protagonists in all colours, they may be less likely to form biases. 

We have compiled a list of other books and resources if you are looking to diversify your books and toy collection and spark the conversation about race with your kids. 

Raising Allies-to-be our favourite "incomplete guide" to spark conversations with your little ones. 

Kim West, Founder of put together a list of resources behind the idea of "Mindful Representation" - being intentional about the images and experiences your child engages in to gain a greater sense of self and an appreciation of others. 

Specific books that can be purchased or bought:

Happy in Our Skin - Fran Manushkin, Lauren Tobia 

Be a King - Dr. Martin Luther King by Carole Boston Weatherford and James E Ransome

Dream Big - by Joyce Wan

Last Stop on Market Street - by Matt de la Pena and Chirstina Robinson 

Chocolate Milk, Por favor - Maria Dismondy, Donna Farrell

We will continue to update this list as we add to our collection.

Thank you so much for all your support,

 black lives matter

Melita Cyril
Founder, Q for Quinn & Children's Book Author, Quinn's Socks, The Contest




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