Practicing gratitude in a pandemic


Practicing Gratitude in a Pandemic with a 5 Minute Gratitude Practice

It seems that good things come in five minute intervals!

Two weeks ago, our favourite core and pelvic floor rehab coach Samantha Montpetit-Huynh  put together a  5 minute exercise program to get your body moving and staying active. This week, we are borrowing another practice from our own lives to keep us happy and healthy - journaling, specifically the 5 minute journal. 

The situation we find ourselves in has been a real test to our mental strength. Social media, the TV news play a large part in influencing our mood even more so now that it can be particularly challenging to see the good in this situation. 

My situation is not unique. Overnight, we have found ourselves wearing hats we are so not used to. Fear and uncertainty has a nasty way of taking control over our emotions and actions. The stress is real and even on the best of days there are moments where we might feel like we are failing.  

A few weeks ago, one of my “mompreneur” friends encouraged me to start journaling and specifically using The Five Minute Journal. My friend was not doing it for very long but the practice had already started feeling happier and fulfilled everyday.  

I was curious and I ordered it. I have tried journaling in the past but have struggled to stick with it, so I was a bit skeptical but the commitment of just 5 minutes a day caught me. I purchased the 5 minute journal. Two weeks later, by daily reminders of what I am grateful, I can safely say I have a happier outlook on my life and I can focus on what really matters as these are the things that are making a material difference to our lives.

This post is not meant to sell you on the Five Minute Journal. Really any journal may work for you. This post is to share the power in practicing a daily gratitude exercise, especially in times like this where so much stress comes out to surface our usual support mechanisms have changed or broken. A simple act of practicing gratitude and reflection twice a day in the morning and evening can change a lot. Sometimes it is the small things in life that make the big difference and for me this has been one of them. 

Practicing Gratitude in a Pandemic with a 5 Minute Gratitude Practice

The five minute journal is simple and starts every day with writing down:

  • Three things I am grateful for
  • Three things that will make today great
  • Daily affirmations: I am

And ends every day with:

  • 3 Amazing things that happened today
  • How could I make today even better

By making the time to journal , we are creating the space to reflect and embrace the abundance we have already no matter hard things may feel or get. I for one started to see the good in the situation we are in. We are lucky to still remain safe and well - something I can no longer take for granted. So the practice of writing 3 things I am grateful for encouraged me to write down longer lists of things I can be grateful for on a weekly basis. Making this list has made me realize how abundant and fulfilled my life already is and this situation has given us new habits and perspectives to be grateful for.

I’m sharing my most recent list with the hope that this will also inspire you to try it!

Practicing Gratitude in a Pandemic with a 5 Minute Gratitude Practice

I invite you to write down the things you are most grateful for with the hope that you, like me might realize how abundant are lives truly are. It is the small things that matters and this Pandemic has brought this to light more than ever. 

Do you have older kids who could also see the benefit in Journaling?

Here are a couple of options including a journal designed by a Canadian Mom.

Spark Journals

The Heart of a Hero journal is a simple, easy way to build your child’s positive mindset toolbox. These activities provide engaging ways to encourage gratitude, practice mindfulness techniques and help them build resilience.  Equip them with the tools to shape their mindset and be the hero of their own story.

Designed and founded by a local Canadian Mom. Recommended for 5-10 year olds.

Five Minute Journal for Kids

Growth for the growing. A step in the right direction for little feet. Daily reflection for the early days of life. This illustrated and colorful edition of the best-selling Five Minute Journal is designed to focus young minds on the good things in their lives, fostering gratitude and preserving positive memories for years to come. Recommended for 5-12 year olds. 




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