Why Undyed Cotton Socks and Underwear Are Good For You and The Planet

As parents, we tend to put a lot of thought into the onesies, pjs, hats, jackets, and adorable little outfits we choose for our children. However, we might not think as much about their socks and underwear, which is a mistake. Our children wear their socks and underwear every day, tight on their skin. And no matter how many teething toys you give them, socks always seem to make their way to our baby’s mouths!

That’s why undyed cotton clothes and underwear are better for you and your family. They’re better for our planet, too. Keep reading to discover why.

The Problem With Dyes

So if cotton or merino wool are the best material choices for socks and underwear, what about the dyes that make them look so pretty? 

Turns out, we need to pay attention to the dyes used in our clothing, too. That’s because some azo dyes (also known as direct dyes) can break down and release chemicals called aromatic amines, some of which have been shown to cause cancer. No, thank you.

That’s why, if you want to keep your family safe and healthy, it’s a good idea to source clothing that uses non-toxic, environment-safe dyes that have no risk of degrading and releasing these harmful compounds.  These are the only dyes we use for our socks for adults and children

You may also want to consider clothing made without dyes at all. 

Why Use Organic Cotton for Socks and Underwear?


Did you know that a recent study found that 9 out of 10 socks contain BPA and parabens? These are endocrine disruptors linked to illnesses in both children and adults, and yet you can find them in clothing we wear close to our skin every day

In other words, the material and quality we choose for our socks and underwear matters. It’s why more and more parents are reaching for natural fibres like cotton and merino wool

Ultimately, cotton makes the best baby socks, and the best socks and underwear for all ages, because cotton is breathable, safe, and comfortable. You and your family will be much healthier and much happier in comfy cotton. 

And as an added bonus, since cotton is so breathable, it can also help keep your baby from overheating. 

So that’s why cotton is better for you, but what about the planet? 

Well, the reality is that not all cotton is better for the planet. When chemicals are used in both farming and processing cotton, they can be harmful to the environment, to the people who are doing the farming and processing, and to the people who wear it. It’s a cruel cycle.

That’s why we only use GOTS certified organic cotton. GOTS (which stands for Global Organic Textile Standard) is the leading standard textile gold standard for organic fibres. Cotton with this certification is free from parabens, phthalates, and BPA. It also meets exacting ecological and social criteria, to ensure your clothes really is ethically made. 

That’s why if you’re looking to find healthy and sustainable clothing for your family, you should always look for pieces that are GOTS certified. 

Note that while 100% cotton socks don’t really exist (here’s why), you still want to choose socks with the highest cotton content possible. This is why our socks and underwear range from 80% to 98% (!) organic cotton. This helps ensure they’re softer and more breathable than the alternatives. 

‘Pure’ Socks and Underwear

We’re committed to giving parents the best possible choices for both their children, and their children’s future (ie, the planet!). That’s why we developed the ‘Pure Collection,’ which is made from 98% GOTS certified organic cotton and contains NO dyes, phthalates, formaldehyde or lead. Their beautiful, soft colour comes from the cotton itself. 

And of course – they’re seamless, making these the perfect, clean choice for sensitive kiddos and those with sensory issues, and for babies who are likely to chew on their toes. 

Ultimately, when you choose undyed cotton socks and underwear, everyone wins!

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