Seamless socks for kids

Seamless socks for kids

What are seamless socks?

Seamless toe socks are socks without a seam inside the toe or where the seam is invisible or barely felt. It is rare to find socks where there is absolutely no seam due to the way machinery to knit the socks are built (unless they are handknit), but the closest you could get to a “seamless feel” is through a hand-linked toe seam – that is extremely flat and barely felt. The pictures below will give you an idea of the difference between what the industry calls a machine-linked toe and a seamless or hand-linked toe seam.

Why buy seamless socks for your kids?

Sensory kids are especially sensitive to seams. We often find a number of our customers have kids who are easily bothered by their seams. However, seamless socks are ideal for any baby, toddler or kid, even if your child does not have sensory issues. 


Imagine an obtrusive seam rubbing your toes ALL day. If the thought bothers you already, it's more than likely that your kid is affected by it, especially if they are in their socks, all day every day. 

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