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Many years ago, I had a simple idea that changed my life.

The idea was this:

I wanted to celebrate my thirteenth birthday with children at an orphanage in Moratuwa, Sri Lanka.
That day, my parents and I took a big cake and some toys to the orphanage. We sang ‘Happy Birthday’ together, joyfully, and each child gave me a huge hug. I felt incredibly special — a feeling I would never forget.

After that experience, I made a vow. If I started a business, it would be driven by one mission:
to create opportunity for vulnerable children in my community.

I was born in Sri Lanka, a war-torn country at the time of my birth. Luckily for me, my family had means. My father, a high-school dropout and self-made businessman, worked incredibly hard to provide a sound education for me and my sisters. His hard work meant that we had opportunities to study at world-class institutions.

For my father's generation, a lack of formal education and limited means didn’t guarantee a life of poverty. Unfortunately, that’s no longer the world we live in.

I consider myself incredibly fortunate and have a strong urge to support the most vulnerable children in communities close to home in Canada, and beyond.

Melita Cyril

Founder Q for Quinn

At Q for Quinn, we believe that every child should be given an opportunity, and that opportunity has to come at a very young age to make a difference. 

With our opening in the Spring of 2018, we launched project #matched:
Q for Quinn donated one pair of socks for every pair purchased and one book for every book purchased for the entire Spring of 2018.  Donations went to the New Mom Project to support vulnerable families.

From now until July 31, 5% of all proceeds will go towards the Young Center for Immigrant Children's Rights - a champion for the rights and best interests of unaccompanied immigrant children.