The "Green" Dinosaur - Organic Baby, Toddler and Kids Socks | Q for Quinn
The "Green" Dinosaur - Organic Baby, Toddler and Kids Socks | Q for Quinn
The "Green" Dinosaur - Organic Baby, Toddler and Kids Socks | Q for Quinn

The "Green" Dinosaur - Organic Baby, Toddler and Kids Socks

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So how do you teach your kids to be more green? How do you get them to understand the concept of being more conscious of saving our planet in the decisions as future leaders? We can start with little things like the patterns in their socks!

This "green" dinosaur rides the cycle and takes the subway. Using a colour palette that includes the 2019 pantone of the year these “dinosaur themed” socks are accessible to boys and girls equally!


  • Super soft GOTS certified organic cotton for maximum breathability
  • Seamless toe socks
  • Right fit – not too tight to restrict blood flow, not too loose for slipping off
  • Grippers made with silicone for maximum anti-slip protection 

Using our proprietary design concept, 3 pairs, 9 possibilities™, this colorful sock collection includes 3 pairs designed to be worn mismatched for 9 possible looks – never scramble for a matching pair again. Kids also have so much fun and learning mixing and matching their patterns!

Material composition: 80% organic cotton, 18% polyamide, 2% spandex.

3 pairs purchased = 3 school meals donated to some of the world’s poorest children.

How much is shipping?
Canada: US$8 (around C$10.50)
Worldwide: US$5
Shipping is FREE on all orders over C$75 and US$50. 
How long will it take to receive my order?
Canada: 2-7 business days. 
US: 3-10 business days.
International orders will be received within 10-15 business days. 


  Shoe size
Baby - 3-12M 3-5
Toddler - 12-24M 6-7
Toddler - 2-4Y 8-10
Kids - 4-6Y 11-13
Kids - 7-11Y 1-5



Small Large
Womens 5-8 9-13
Mens 6-7 8-13

Our impact


For every pair of socks you purchase, a child receives a school meal.

This child not only gets the nutrition they need to stay healthy and fight disease, they are encouraged to go to school and obtain an education.

You are giving them an opportunity to break out of the poverty cycle.


Every pair of socks is made from certified organic cotton that is traceable back to the farmer.

Organic cotton is processed without the use of chemicals and pesticides that are harmful to our planet and the farmer.


Every pair of socks is made in Sri Lanka (where our founder grew up) in an OEKO-100 certified facility where the workers are cared for and receive fair wages.