What are the Best Winter Socks for Men and Women in 2022?

What are the Best Winter Socks for Men and Women in 2022?

As summer comes to a close, it’s only a matter of time before the colder weather rushes in. While you take inventory of your winter wardrobe from last year, don’t forget to upgrade your winter sock selection to keep your feet cozy, warm, and comfortable over the coming months. 

But - what are the best winter socks for men and women that you can grab for the whole family? And what should you be looking out for as you begin your search? We’ll cover all these details and more throughout this guide. At Q for Quinn, you’ll find the best socks for winter in 2022. Whether you prefer merino wool or terry cotton - or want to try both, keep reading to discover your new favorite pair!

First, let’s start with a buyer’s guide so you know what to look for when seeking the best socks for winter.

What to Look for in the Best Socks for Winter: Buying Guide for 2022 

Not all winter socks are made equal. Even if you find what seems to be the best men’s winter socks for warmth, they may be made out of a stuffy material that causes itching and discomfort upon actual wear. And, you need to carefully consider the materials not just for comfort - but for safety and ethics. We’ll explain what we mean by this below.

In general, though, when looking for the best winter socks for women or men, remember that they should offer a perfect balance of form and function–you don’t need to compromise on either front. Continue reading as we dive deeper into what you need to look for in the best socks for winter. 

What are the Best Warm Socks for Winter Made of?

As you begin your search, you may wonder - what are the best warm socks for winter made out of? Essentially, what are the materials that will keep your feet warm and dry throughout your winter activities, while also being a good fit for anyone in your family with sensitive feet?

For the best crossover of comfort and function, look for winter socks that are made out of GOTS-Certified Organic Cotton or ZQ Certified Merino Wool. Even if you have discovered that it’s hard to find 100% cotton socks, they are still one of the top choices for winter socks for a reason. And at Q for Quinn, that’s exactly what you’ll find.

When cotton is GOTS-Certified, you gain confidence knowing that it's a top organic textile, and comes from a credible manufacturer that is regularly tested and proven to be free of over 100 harmful chemicals and substances. Similarly, when Merino wool is ZQ-Certified, you know that the sheep that produced the wool were humanely raised, fed well, and live natural, healthy lives. 

Thus, the best men’s winter socks will be made out of these fantastic materials that are high quality, warmth-retaining, clean, and ethically sourced. But that’s not all - the material also has to be free of toxins that may be added after the fact.

Toxin-Free Formulations

Similarly, the best winter socks are made from toxin-free formulations that won’t do harm to anyone–especially men or women who have sensitive skin. Because the skin on our feet is so sensitive, it makes them particularly susceptible to irritation from any materials that contain harmful chemicals and substances.

So, during the winter when we’re wearing socks even more than usual, you really want to search for pairs that are 100% free from BPAs, parabens, formaldehyde, lead, and other toxins. When free of all these harmful chemicals, you’ll know that you’ve found the best socks for sensitive feet that men or women can rock all winter long. 

Look for a Flat Toe Seam for the Ultimate Comfort

What truly makes a sock have maximum comfort levels is when they are seamless, or have a flat toe seam. What are seamless socks? Simply put, this means there isn’t a bulky toe seam causing irritation and discomfort all day long that you would find in traditional socks. Instead, you can enjoy a smooth and comfortable wear that helps you forget you even have socks on!

Especially for anyone in your family who suffers from skin sensitivities or sensory issues, a bulky toe seam in a sock can be their worst nightmare. So no matter what season it is, the best socks will be ones that have a flat toe seam. 

Ethical Manufacturing Practices

At the end of the day, you want to dress your family in winter socks that you know are high quality and will keep your feet warm, but that are also ethically made and good for the environment. 

At Q for Quinn, all of our products are made in family-owned facilities in Portugal and India. We offer fair wages to all employees and clean and healthy work standards, among other benefits. Plus, our manufacturing practices are eco-friendly and easy on the planet. 

Satisfaction Guarantee 

Lastly, look for a winter sock that has a satisfaction guarantee. There is nothing worse than being promised maximum comfort and warmth, and being left disappointed and shivering in your inadequate socks on a cold winter day. 

Your family deserves socks that are reliable and are always high quality, so look for a company that shows confidence in its products and offers you a satisfaction guarantee to make things right when you’re not fully satisfied with your purchase. 

So, What are the Best Winter Socks for Men and Women in 2022?

Now that we’ve covered what you need to look for in a good winter sock, let’s review the best thick winter socks for men and women that you’ll actually be happy to put on your feet each morning. 

Heavyweight Terry Cotton Socks

Thick terry socks are always a good choice for men and women to keep their feet warm and cozy during the winter. The heavyweight organic cotton material retains warmth, while being lightweight and breathable enough to not cause sweating or stuffiness as you bundle up. 

Customers can’t say enough good things about our terry socks, like Marnie R., who states:

“The socks arrived and they are perfection! They are warm and cozy, and look incredibly cute. I dream of having a little army of Quinn socks now. They make me feel warm and loved from the top of my head, to the bottom of my feet.”

As with all our cotton products at Q for Quinn, these socks are made from GOTS-Certified organic cotton and are free from all harmful chemicals like BPA, parabens, and formaldehyde. Plus, they feature a flat toe seam for all-day comfort. 

All in all, these thick cotton socks will quickly become a cold-weather favorite for all men and women, being a safe option for even the most sensitive skin, while being a cozy option that will keep your toes from freezing. 

Merino Wool Socks

Q for Quinn’s wool merino socks are consistently some of the best socks for winter. Merino is a fantastic fabric in socks for use all year round, but especially for the colder months. They are breathable, temperature regulating, anti-stink, and antibacterial by nature, and wick away moisture with ease so your feet are always warm and dry. 

But you don’t have to just take our word for how great these are for the winter months. See what Sue H. has to say about them: 

“These are perfect for winter. A cozy breathable warm, not itchy at all, no tight binding at the top and yet they stay up… So far I have washed well and I plan to buy more.”

Unlike other types of wool, our socks don’t itch, making them the perfect match for anyone with skin sensitivities or sensory issues to wear this winter. 

Ready to Treat Your Feet to the Best Winter Socks for Women and Men Right Now?

With all these great options for the best winter socks for women and men, your toes will be warm and cozied up all winter long. No matter if you prefer merino wool socks or cotton socks, we have you covered. So for the best socks for winter and all year round, check out our vast selection at Q for Quinn. 

And when shopping at Q for Quinn, you know you’re making the right choice both for your family’s feet and for the planet. With our ethically sourced materials, humane production, and eco-friendly manufacturing, we make sure we’re always giving back in any way that we can.

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