Our Story

Q for Quinn CEO Melita Cyril

Hi, my name is Melita.

I started Q for Quinn when I could not find a pair of socks that was gentle enough for my son who suffered from eczema. 

When I did my research, I was shocked to find that 90% of baby and kids socks were found to have harsh chemicals containing BPA and Parabens.

Therefore, in setting out to create the perfect pair of socks, I wanted to make sure that they were also the safest. This is why every pair is made with GOTS certified organic cotton or responsibly sourced merino wool and produced in GOTS certified facilities to ensure the absence of harmful chemicals and toxins.

I'm now a mom of 3.
My small team and I strive to create basics that are healthy and comfortable for the entire family. Basics that are gentle on our skin, our planet and our communities.

Our Values

At Q for Quinn, we do more than make quality, organic basics. We’re also creating the change we want to see in the world — a change for our children’s future.

By sourcing only the highest quality natural materials, we prioritize the health of people and our planet. We partner with family-owned, GOTS-certified facilities that align with our commitment to health, comfort, and design. And even more importantly, we donate a meal to children in need with every pair of socks purchased, making sure our customers are the most important part of our cause. 

So yes, we sell amazingly comfortable basics. But we’re also making a positive impact on our customers, our partners, and our planet.


Do good for our planet — and its people.

We’re on a mission to create clean, natural basics that make the world a better place. Our products aren’t just gentle on our skin and the planet; by sourcing premium organic, toxin-free materials, we also help individual workers, farmers, and their families enjoy happier, healthier lives.


Stay open and honest.

To make good on our promise of total transparency, we’ve certified our entire supply chain and ensured our organic cotton and merino wool products are the safest, most eco-conscious option for you and your loved ones. Every item is traceable, fair trade, and ethically made — and we carry the label to prove it!


Give back.

When you support Q for Quinn, you help us give back to children in need. With every item sold, we donate a school meal to children in some of the world’s poorest communities, helping them break out of the poverty cycle and gain opportunities for a brighter future.


Build a community where everyone belongs. 

Our woman-owned small business believes in high-quality, comfortable, and functional basics for all. We celebrate diversity and inclusivity in everything we do, from our team and customer base to the products we sell. Whether you’re looking for inclusively-sized women’s underwear or no-seam, sensory-friendly socks, we’ve created a happy, healthy, and organic solution for you.


Listen and learn.

We believe open communication is the foundation of every great relationship — including the one we have with our customers. We know how much the little details matter — which is why we strive to stay humble and let our customers guide the way. We take customer feedback seriously and are always looking for new ways to listen, learn, and ensure our basics are the first you grab from a fresh pile of laundry.

organic cotton toddler underwear

Be problem-solvers.

As parents, we’re all too familiar with daily struggles that pop up when traditional basics get in the way of your child’s comfort and safety. We created our organic, eco-friendly basics so you can spend more time together — and less time fussing over the get-ready routine.


Design basics built to last.

When products are made with love and intention, they stand the test of time. Our basics are created with the highest composition of natural, organic materials so you get the best possible fit, comfort, and longevity from your wardrobe.