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Super cute and fast shipping too!

Great socks

I have trouble with socks hard to find cotton socks. So thank you my granddaughter and I will match.

Girls’ boyshorts are GRREAT!

My granddaughter loves her boyshorts. Looking forward to seeing more colours and patterns. Your service and prompt delivery are appreciated.

My first order

I am extremely pleased with the socks I ordered and for quality of product I would give 5 stars. Unfortunately, initially I didn't receive my full order and that is my reason for 4 stars. Within days of notifying them, I received the pair of socks I was missing along with a free pair of organic cotton socks. Very nice.

up up and away socks get compliments

Both my daughter and I have had compliments on our new hot air balloon socks. I like to wear Q for Quinn socks anytime but especially when I am going for a run The hot air balloons make my feet feel lighter, -ha ha.

Arctic Animals
Robyn Cadiz
These Are So Worth It!

I’m so happy I found these socks for my daughter. She just started preschool and would be wearing shoes and socks for the first time. (We live in Hawaii, she wore crocs from the time she could walk) She wears them all day in school and has never complained once. I love that they’re organic.

Thank you for taking the time to write a review Robyn. We are so grateful for this and glad you and your daughter love our socks!
Keep well,

Great product from a local Canadian small business

Thank you for getting my products to me so fast and in time for Father’s Day. The quality of these socks are fantastic and the name of your company is my 💙. I have to tell you my “Why” in purchasing your product (besides helping small businesses) My son was named Quinn. He battled brain cancer from the age of 6 and passed away just before his 13th Birthday in 2008. Quinn was an amazing kid who battled his cancer with a positive attitude. He was brave! I love your socks and The book is amazing! Thank you!!

Dear Susanne,

Thank you for sharing the story of your little warrior. It brought tears to my eyes. I have sent you a message. We are so honoured to be a small part of your family.


Really beautiful and well made socks.

I gave these as a birthday gift to the father of my future grandson.
He loves them.
The quality is fantastic and I can’t wait to see the two of them in matching socks.
Great (and fun!) product.

Funny creature - Pajama

We love the PJ! The funny creatures and the penguin are thinner than the blue striped one. We have a slight preference for the stripes but on a hot summer day at the cottage, the thinner ones will be perfect!!

Thank you so much for your detailed review. Your support means the world to us.

THE winners

A few months ago, without warning, my child suddenly rejected all underwear. After $125 spent across 7 different kinds of underwear, we finally found these. And she is no longer going commando. Thank you.

Wow! We are so grateful and happy to hear this. Thank you for sharing.

Loved by my sock-hating son

My son has ASD and really struggles to wear socks, but he loves these socks and the grips! Great quality and very soft.

Thank you so much for your review. We are so glad your son loves our socks. It means the world to us.

Amazing Undies!

Our toddler is taller than most and regular mass produced undies limited him to tight elastic band models. We are so pleased to have found Q for Quinn and the appropriately sized boxer briefs for our toddler. Our little guy is happy with the undies and so are we. Keep up the great work :)

Thank you so much for this review. It means the world to us to know that we are making a difference to our customers!

Blocks of Colour 2.0
Victoria Ebergenyi

Um the socks are good. Really i was looking for just cotton socks that would not make my kids feet clamy. The cotton blends that are widely available everywhere aren't good enough. So my friend recommended this and told me they were organic cotton. Silly me I didn't check the socks i bought are also cotton blend, not a large percentage of cotton. To be honest i don't really care if the cotton is organic or not, i just wanted a higher percentage of cotton. As a result his feet are still clamy.

I did buy 2 different kids though and it turns out that the second pair does have a really large percentage of cotton (like 90% or something?) And those actually work really well for him.

Surprisingly comfortable

My 3.5 year old likes his masks. They are triple layered for effectiveness and I was concerned they'd be too thick and uncomfortable for summer. However, they turned out to be very comfortable, breathable and light weight. I think however, they fit small. But that's always the challenge with buying masks online.

Hot Air Balloon
Jessica Shapiro-Weill

Hot Air Balloon

Super soft and comfortable

My three little ones love their matching pyjamas! Super soft and comfortable at any temperature. They fit small but are stretchy, which is perfect for my skinny little kids!

Great socks

Excited to give these as a gift. Socks feel great!

Hot Air Balloon Socks

Love everything about these pair of socks! The design, (I mean how funky does the pooch look right?!), and how soft and comfy it feels! And the best part is that it's from a clean brand that is also eco-responsible <3

Omg. I love the socks so much

I’m so happy with my purchase. These are so cute. I get to match with my baby and know that they are free from anything harmful for her (and me). I love everything about the socks. They are very comfortable, soft. Love this company and everything they stand for

Best socks ever

Never disappointed, will continue to buy as my little foot sensitive fella grows. Passing socks on to smaller kids as they don’t wear out


These were a gift for my grandson. He loved the monster theme. I like that they were natural materials.

Blocks of Colour
Sarah Seeton
Who knew I’d love baby socks so much?

These are first- adorable. Tiny, colourful, fun, they get complimented by strangers all the time. A cashier told me that my son had « happy feet! » with them on (aw!). Second, they stay on his feet. Can I get a hallelujah for that! They also wash well, and have held up really well so far to my 5 month old’s constant chewing of them. I’m going to buy more! And maybe snag a pair for myself while I’m at it. They do cost more than fast fashion kid’s socks, but they’re the kind of thing that could be worn by a second or third kid, or passed to a friend when kiddo has outgrown them. Worth it!

Baby clothing

I was very pleased with the quality of children’s products/clothing and the service provided by Quinn. Beautiful. Thank you. I am waiting for my daughter who lives in California, to receive it all and she will tell me what she thinks of it. This is why I have been late in doing this. She will receive the box in 2 days through mail system.

These are so comfy

Huge fan here. Comfortable, with seamless toes as well! No longer have to wear my socks inside out! These are the only socks I reach out for.

Pure (no dye) Collection