Our Cause

Organic toddler socks that make a difference

"Growing up in Sri Lanka, where poverty is widespread, has helped me truly appreciate how fortunate my children and I are. My children will never learn or understand what it means to go to school hungry, or not be able to go to school at all. What they can learn is the importance of giving back to other children that are less fortunate."

Founder, Q for Quinn


Why school meals?

organic kids socks that give back

Millions of children globally do not have access to basic human needs like food and water, let alone education. By providing a daily school meal, these children are not only fed, but are also encouraged to attend school and gain an education, which becomes key to breaking their poverty cycle.

We are excited to support Mary's Meals' goal - that every child receives a daily meal in a place of education. Mary's Meals has developed a simple solution to world hunger and we are incredibly proud to support their mission. 

We donate a meal with every pair of socks you purchase today, making you the most important part of our cause. We cannot thank you enough for supporting our business and cause. 


Where we donate 
mary's meals
Mary’s Meals provides one good meal to some of the world’s poorest children every school day.  Mary's Meals, works in 18 different countries and is run by an army of volunteers. 93c for every $1 is spent directly on charitable activities. Mary's Meals reaches over 2 million children every day and counting!