Our Guarantee

We make each product with the highest composition of natural, organic materials possible — all while maintaining incredible fit, comfort, and longevity.

This guarantee is our North Star, influencing our design principles and guiding every aspect of our manufacturing process, from farm to your top drawer.

Ethically sourced, honestly made

As a GOTS-certified organic brand, we believe that our products should not come at the expense of health — for our planet, our customers, or our manufacturers.

From Organic Cotton to Merino Wool, our products are made from toxic-free dyes and materials that meet the highest global standards (GOTS). Our products are also held to the highest social and ethical standards, allowing the people who make our clothes to earn a true living wage (not a minimum wage!)

Our Merino Wool socks are ethically sourced from mulesing-free Australian farms and free of harmful dyes and harsh chemicals. Likewise, our organic cotton socks come from responsible farms that help create a safer, healthier planet.

Mother nature knows best

Our basics are made with natural, skin-friendly fabrics. Why? Not only are they more comfortable — they’re better for your skin health, too. Materials like Organic Cotton and Merino Wool are far more breathable and gentle than synthetic fabrics, making them safe for even the most sensitive skin.

If you have looked for socks without polyester you would know how hard it is to find. Synthetics, like polyester are known for performance and durability, especially when it comes to socks! We try to minimize the use of synthetics and push the boundaries by using natural fibers to achieve the same results.

Yes, we have room to grow and completely eliminate polyester and other synthetics. But we’re continuously learning and iterating to create truly unique products that fit your needs.

Comfort-first design

Here at Q for Quinn, we design for maximum comfort without ever compromising safety. That’s why we eliminate unnecessary sock seams, add non-slip grips for kids, and make sure all of our basics provide maximum functionality for everyday wear.

organic baby socks

Durability = true sustainability

We take sustainability seriously, which is why we design products meant to stand the test of time. Our lasting basics can be worn confidently day and night — and then passed on to someone new if they’re outgrown.