Cotton Socks for Men & Women - Benefits of Organic Socks for Adults

We bet you put a lot of thought into your choices, from what you drive, to what you eat, to what you wear. Our choices as consumers say a lot about us, and we can also use them to support companies and processes that are sustainable and align with our values. But ... when was the last time you thought about your socks?

The reality is that even conscious consumers who are mindful about their fashion choices often forget about what goes on their feet. This is a shame, because comfy organic cotton socks can be a lovely, mindful option for men and women. Keep reading to discover why. 

Why Organic Cotton Socks For Adults?

Think about it. Are there any clothes that sits closer on your skin than your socks? Or that you wear for longer? And then think about this: a recent study found that 9 out of 10 baby socks have BPA and parabens – chemicals linked to dysfunctions that can trigger illness. 

And the Center for Environmental Health found that clothes from large clothing brands can have up to 19 times the safe limit for these types of chemicals. It’s hardly great for clothes that is wrapped right around your feet all day. 

Meanwhile, when you choose socks made with GOTS certified organic cotton, you’re getting the gold standard in both ethical, healthy, and sustainable cotton. Specifically, GOTS certified organic cotton uses far less waste, chemicals, and pesticides, while also being free from parabens, phthalates, and BPA.

Ultimately, organic cotton socks for men and women are better for you, better for workers, and better for the planet. 

And that’s great, you might be telling yourself. But do I really want to wear cotton socks? Aren’t there better options?

Say Goodbye To Uncomfortable Cotton Socks From The ‘80s

When we say ‘cotton socks,’ are you picturing the scratchy, white cotton gym socks from when you were a kid? The ones that always left a red mark on your ankle, and the ones you wouldn’t be caught dead in today. 

Thankfully, we’ve come a long way, baby. The way we make cotton socks has evolved, so that today there are options that are sophisticated, comfortable, and attractive. 

Not only is organic cotton safe, free from hard chemicals and dyes, and a good choice for the planet. It’s also soft and breathable, making it incredibly comfortable. And because they’re so breathable, they’ll keep your feet at the right temperature, not too hot or too cold (merino wool socks for adults are also temperature regulating in this way, too). 

And we often talk about kids having sensory issues, but those don’t go away just because you’re an adult. That’s why our organic socks for men and women use a seamless toe for more comfort. If you’ve never tried seamless socks before, you won’t believe the difference this can make. 

Remember, your socks are up close and personal, all day, every day. And trust us: the more comfortable your feet are, the more comfortable you’ll be.  There’s a lot we have to give up when we’re adults – fun and comfy socks don’t have to be one of them! 

We offer a wide range of stylish GOTS certified organic cotton socks for adults in a range of colours – from bright and colourful cotton socks to more basic colours, and even pure organic cotton socks without dye

All of which is to say that great cotton socks aren’t just for kids anymore! 

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