WEEK 2 - Happy & Healthy Weekly - Time Capsule Edition

We are living through an important period in History. These times are truly unprecedented and will be documented as such. 

A friend of mine recently shared pictures capturing the essence of the Spanish Flu times. The exact source is unknown. 

102 years later we are can relate 100%. Sure, technology has changed some things: there was no social media or internet back then, or colorful photos, but it is striking how familiar the Spanish Flu situation now looks.  

spanish flu

Source: Unknown 

For most of our activities this week we will be focusing on things to include in a time capsule.

Wouldn't it be so amazing to reflect on this 10/20/30/40.. years from now and proudly say we survived?

What if we all kept a piece of this historic moment so that our grand children or great grand children can learn from this?

healthy meals during social distancingWe have decided we will do 2 new recipes every week to mix it up. Here's what we are trying this week (these are simple recipes which we hope you might also have ingredients for!):

1. Healthy Banana Bread

2. Easter Side Dish: Crispy Smashed Potatoes with Pink Tahini Sauce

Read to the end to find our our daily smoothie recipe. It's happy, it's healthy and extremely delicious!

Meal planning is daunting, and healthy meal planning is even more daunting. We are thankful for our nutritionist Danielle Binns who has put together an emergency grocery list during these times where one most plan well ahead. 

Exercise at home with kidsThe kids and I often venture out for a walk in the morning when there's not many people out. We are lucky enough to have a backyard. So we often go out and while the kids rake or draw on the deck with their chalk, I'm doing yoga, squats and interval training during this time if I can!

If you have to stay indoors, don't forget to keep active and moving. We will be changing up the routine this week to include some dance! We found this free resource for videos for family fitness: Beach Body Family Workouts 

homeschool during isolation

time capsule label

How to make your own time capsule for the COVID-19 Pandemic. Make one for every one in the family

Click here for instructions

    This week we will be predominantly working on our time capsule, while also doing reading, coloring, pasting, art and more garden clean up!

    Click on the image below to download the PDF with clickable links to all our activities for the week!

    covid 19 schedule 2

    The schedule also has some other activities including previous weeks activities we can include. Check out last weeks activities here

    Self care during Isolation

    This week, I'm continuing my 1 hour / day challenge to take at least 1 hour every day to do something for myself (not work or kid related!).

    How did last week go for you? What did you do for you?
    Make sure you continue to remind yourself to take an hour every single day to do something that feels good for you.

    working at home with kids

    Last week we shared tips that work have been working for me. 

    How did you like this?

    I also realized this week that I was snacking way too much during my kids nap time and bed time when I would get the most of the work done. I look forward to these snacks so it was time I stocked up to healthier alternatives to my bag of chips:

    1) Nuts
    2) Yogurt
    3) Fruits
    4) Make at home smoothies. My below recipe is simple and can be made in a magic bullet:

    1 x banana
    1/2 cup frozen berries (a combination or one of blueberries, strawberries, raspberries / black berries
    1/2 cup almond milk
    1 table spoon of peanut butter
    1 x date
    handful of spinach / kale if you are feeling it. 

    My kids also LOVE this smoothie recipe and extra points for being Happy & Healthy!


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