Slow fashion is actually less "expensive" in the long run

Slow fashion is about durability, wearability and love-ability (yes, we made that last one up). At Q for Quinn we are all about durability, offering products that truly last. We know all there is to know about wearability, making essentials that are insanely comfy and seamless. Plus, we create clothing that has the ultimate love-factor; great value, amazing patterns and some serious love from our amazing customers.

The fact is, slow fashion is more than just buying ecologically and socially conscious clothing, it is about buying with intention. We believe it is about having values upon which our brand is built and run. This means producing clothing that is as kind to the earth as it is to those who make it and those who wear it and love it.


We acknowledge that slow fashion can often seem incredibly expensive. The truth is, slow, intentional and non toxic clothing production is never going to be as cheap as the alternative. With fast, low priced fashion however, the true cost is bigger than you might realize. After all, what value do you put on our planet and our health?

In an effort to help balance price, environmental impact and durability, Q for Quinn offers some incredible sales, savings and an opportunity to give back (check out our commitment to Mary’s Meals) We know how important your family is, how much you care about this earth and the need for great, long lasting clothing. So we are always finding ways to make our products more accessible. To find some amazing savings take a look here.


Now that you know that you can own your very own Q for Quinn essentials at amazing prices, are you wondering how long they’ll last? Other socks, from other brands usually last around 6-12 months of regular wear before they’re too worn, stinky or full of holes to wear any longer. Q for Quinn is durable enough to be handed down from one kid to the next and on and on. With four years of making amazing socks we are pretty proud to still have some of the originals in our own home. Merino wool and organic cotton ensure that the stink doesn’t stick and the comfort lasts through each of your little ones.

With savings, durability and value that goes well beyond just how thoughtfully made our products are, we know that you are eager to try it out. What are you waiting for? Snag your fave new socks at amazing prices right here.  

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