Why The "Green Mum" loves Q for Quinn


Why The "Green Mum" Loves Q for Quinn | Eco-Friendly Kids Clothes

Being an ecofriendly mum, I generally try not to buy new things. Quite often, the item I am need can be found secondhand thereby reducing the use of new resources to create something that already exists.

Socks are different though. Most kids’ socks have holes, stains, and tears in them, rendering impossible to be reused and resold by the time they are done with them. Socks need to bought brand-new. So let me tell you a few reasons why I am going with Q for Quinn every time either of my daughters needs something new for their toesies!

My favourite part about these socks is that they are made from organic cotton. Conventionally grown cotton requires an immense amount of pesticides to thrive. These pesticides pollute our environment, cause long-term health issues to factory workers, and get absorbed by our skin when we wear it. Um…no thank you. I’ll stick with organically grown cotton if and when I can.

The socks have been designed so carefully and are of such a high quality. I won’t be replacing them before the kids grow out of them! Another plus for the environment! Not to mention that if a sock should magically disappear, I can still get use out of the rest of them as they are meant to be worn mismatched!

Can we talk about the adorable book that Melita, the company’s founder, wrote? What a great way to get kids interested in socks of all things! And again, Melita shows us how much she cares for Mother Earth by ensuring that the book is made from sustainably sourced paper and chemical-free inks!

Let’s not forget about the important fact that Q for Quinn supports local charities servicing vulnerable children. Any company that believes in putting the planet before profit will always get my support!

I can’t wait to see what Q for Quinn comes up with next!

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