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      4 products

      4 products

      Gentle by nature, all of our organic cotton socks are suitable for most skin types. However, some styles have been more proven than others for little ones with sensory or skin conditions.

      We have picked the socks that may work best for your little one. 

      NOTE: If your little one is highly sensitive to seams we also recommend choosing our basic / solid styles (without grips) as loose thread from more complex pattern and the feeling of grips may not be as comfortable for them. 

      Irritation from sweat, from socks, and friction is a major cause for foot eczema. What can you do? Make sure the socks are of a high cotton content and breathable. Besides the socks, it is also important to make sure the shoes your baby wears is breathable. It is also good practice to change babies and kids socks often especially if they are in their socks and shoes all day every day.