One mama's COVID-19 survival guide

What a hard few days it’s been. Our lives are on hold, with no idea how long for. Our loved ones are ill or living in fear of becoming ill. 

As a family of four with a 3 year old and 1 year old to keep busy and a small business to run we are more challenged then we have ever been since we had our kids. 

As a mom and someone who usually works from home with the kids, I wanted to share a few things we have found useful to include in our new routine in the hope that at least one of these helps you get through yet another week of #socialdistancing.

1. Eating

I used to like cooking before I had kids. Now the thought of preparing a meal to have at home every day for the unforeseeable future is very daunting! We are taking it week by week until we know more, which means1 grocery run every week. Our favourite nutritionist - Danielle Binns put together a nutritious meal plan with grocery list for a week. I will be following this next week at the very least!

Here is a link to the guide and hope this will inspire at least some of your meals in the next week:

covid-19 meal plan

2. Exercising

We are just at the start of Spring and are fortunate to get some warmer weather. Brisk stroller walks at least once a day has become part of our routine. We have found a trail that is not (at least now) too crowded, and where both toddlers can walk a bit for exercise and let out some steam. 

We also pulled out our balance bike for our 3 year old that we got from a local bike store: Dream Cyclery. Hopefully when all this has passed, Jacob (my son) will be ready to graduate to a regular bike with no pedals!

If we cannot get out of the house Cosmic Yoga and dance parties keep us moving. 


3. Home “schooling”

I’m not a teacher and I struggle with this for my own kids especially given their current ages. With our 3 year old, I try to make sure I give him some drawing/art/craft time, some lego time and lots of time reading books.

My 1 year old usually joins in on the fun and can be disruptive but hey that’s part of the fun right.

Tiny Toy Co. just launched a Boredom Buster Box which I cannot wait for my kids to have. Put together by an educator I’m sure it will keep our little ones occupied for a good hour and it is eco-friendly. 

If you have older kids, there are so many homeschooling mamas that are providing some inspiring ideas on what we can do at home with the kids to continue to encourage learning. 

There is no doubt this period has made me appreciate our teachers even more. It is no easy job and we as parents don’t have the training and in most cases now are still expected to work from home despite having the kids around! We have to do what we can and accept that it is ok if a few weeks pass by where they are not following their curriculum. I believe kids will get on track and what’s more important now is maintaining sanity and the health of our families so I’m just going to #lowermystandards in this area.


4. Self Care

I don’t know about you but self care was virtually impossible for me before COVID-19 hit and now it is of course even harder. I had just started a routine of practicing hot yoga 3 times a week and now practicing yoga at home does not feel the same. 


I do know the difference yoga made to my day so I’m committed to make a change. 

I have signed up for Mama Reset and there are many virtual classes around that you can access. If you are like me and like to do a more “competitive” social workout get your friends/partner to join in a programme. 


5. Connecting

It’s ok to not be ok at this time. This period has made me feel more lonely than ever before. Parenting is hard enough already. The fear and anxiety that sets in when the world seems to be falling apart can really bring us down. 

Ask for help. 

Talk it out with your friends and family. Social distancing does not mean social isolating. After the first few days of this, I got in touch with my friends and started doing video calls with a glass of wine or coffee. 

We are all in this together, and if any of you want to do the same with me. I’m here. All you have to do is send me a message at

Every time I start to feel upset or anxious (particularly after reading my facebook feed filled with dire news), I try to tell myself: We have been given the gift of time. Time to stop our crazy busy life and schedules. Time to take in all the graces and blessings that we have been so very fortunate to have. To remind us that love and community is what prevails and we will conquer this, because we are strong and we are loving and no matter how hard it will get we have each other. We are not alone in this. We are TOGETHER.  

I would like to end by sharing with you a message that I saw circulating in social media. I believe the author is a gentleman called Casey Wagar. For me at least this reading this message will continue to uplift me in the days and weeks to come. It will get worse before it gets better but remember this:

“I can’t wait for a years’ time, when all of this is a distant memory and there is a corona baby boom because all the lovers were lovin.

And there is a rise in small business because all the entrepreneurs had a moment of stillness and creativity. 

And all the children remember nothing but a time when all the mums and dads were at home and drawing and playing board games and we remember it as the time we all got to stop and be present. 

We will remember the time our health was our first priority and people learnt new ways to use fresh product to feed their families and we were all forced to think outside the box and dream up new things, and reinvent old ways and for once even amongst the chaos there was community, there was a global rise in togetherness and the streets were quiet but our homes were bustlin with love and laugher. 

That time is coming… soon just like other crisis before it this will all be a distant memory, a thing we soon listen to our children discuss in classrooms, a once was; that we share with our grand babies. 

So to you - I know it’s unsettling but focus on the silver lining, we are in this together and there’s so much beauty to see”

Stay safe and well my friend and remember I am here with you,



Other resources/ tips we have found very helpful:

If you are anything like us, you would like to see if there are some natural ways to keeping safe at home. Green at Home  Emma’s Rohman has just written a piece  packed with so much you could do to keep safe from COVID-19 the natural way. 

Try not to watch the news /  scroll your social media feed just before you sleep at night or right when you wake up. It can create more anxiety and may affect your sleep quality or the start of your day - speaking from personal experience.

Mindfulness has never been more important in these challenging times. We love  Headspace to meditate when we get a chance, and  Love Powered Co. affirmation cards with the kids to empower us and them. 

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