Uniform Socks

School Uniform Socks

Love ‘em or hate ‘em, some kids are required to wear school uniforms. As parents, that means we have little say in what our kids wear all day—except when it comes to their feet. Even though they’re sometimes overlooked, socks are so important, because you wear them close to your skin all day. Uncomfortable socks are the worst. You know this if you’ve ever struggled to get your child into a pair! 

The best socks to pair with school uniforms are comfortable, wearable cotton socks in neutral colors. They can be hard to find, so when you find the right pair of uniform socks that your child will actually wear, stock up

Now that we’re heading back to school after winter break, children need socks that will keep them warm, toasty (but not too toasty!), and comfortable all day long. Here’s how to find socks that will work with their school uniform. 

How To Pick Uniform Socks

Uniform Socks

There are two things to consider when finding uniform socks for your child: the school’s requirements, and your own. 

Likely, your school dress code will require your child to wear socks that are neutral and uniform. That’s why we’ve just introduced uniform socks that come in black, blue, and white. Hopefully, these will work with your dress code. They come in sizes that will work for most children aged 4-11. 

If you’re looking for older children, then they will likely fit into small (or large) sizes of our adult socks - which come in white (no dye) and grey - both of which may work as uniform socks. Learn more about how to pick the right size sock for you or your children here

While your school probably has this one simple requirement only, we bet you have a much more important one when it comes to your child’s clothes, including their socks. Namely, your child’s clothes have to be comfortable, and  they have to be safe. 

Normal socks can be itchy and irritating, making them hard to wear all day. Even worse, a recent study found that 9 out of 10 baby and kid socks contain BPA and parabens. These are endocrine disruptors linked to illnesses in both children and adults—so we want to ensure our kiddos avoid them at all costs. 

That’s why our uniform socks use only GOTS certified cotton, plus just enough (2%) spandex to make them stretchy and wearable. With our soft, breathable cotton, these socks are gentle on the skin, lightweight and breathable - and they’re warm enough for the winter months, too. 

Like all of our products, they are also 100% free of BPA, parabens, formaldehyde, lead and other toxins. 

We know that all kids can be picky when it comes to their clothes (because who wants to be uncomfortable all day, anyway?). That’s why our uniform socks are also seamless, which makes them more more comfy. It also makes them a particularly good choice for children with sensory issues.  

More Considerations for School Uniforms

Hipster Briefs

School uniforms offer many benefits, but there is something that’s lost when kids don’t get to express themselves through clothes. 

The solution? Colourful underwear! Give your child colourful, organic cotton underwear to choose from each morning, and they’ll still get to pick out something they love to wear. 

And if your daughter’s uniform includes a dress or skirt, she can hopefully wear leggings to stay warm during winter. These merino wool leggings comes in a neutral ‘cloud’ colour, and they’re perfect for layering. 

Ultimately, with a little planning, it’s possible to help your children accessorize their school uniforms in a way that lets them feel confident and comfortable. School uniform socks are a great place to start. 

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