Kids & Toddler Socks with Grips


      Want to keep your child safe from slips and falls as they tear through the house? Our toddler socks with grips will grant you peace of mind despite how rambunctious your little one is. Shop now and get the #1 kids socks with grips online!

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      Keep the Kids Safe with our Toddler Socks with Grips!

      "Are you constantly stressing as your active kid runs all around the house?" Children don’t have an off-switch, which means you’re constantly stressing as they run around the house. All parents have had their fair share of tears to wipe as kids slip and fall running around corners or climbing up & down stairs. Some of this is unavoidable - kids are going to be kids, after all. However, you can do your part to help keep them safe with our kids non-slip socks.

      Designed by a mom with no detail spared, these toddler socks with grips will allow you to rest a bit easier knowing your child has traction as they run around the house. With fool-proof silicone grips, these are as safe as it gets. Better yet? We craft these non skid socks for kids with GOTS certified organic cotton. No BPAs, parabens, formaldehyde, or other common chemical irritants in our clothing. These are as comfortable as it gets - perfect for children who have sensitive skin or sensory sensitivities from tags, seams, etc.

      With so many fun styles to choose from, these are going to be your kid’s new favorite socks. The traction they offer is just a plus! Get your kids non-slip socks today and save money when you stock up. Or, keep reading to learn more about why parents prefer our socks to the alternatives. 

      What Makes our Kids Socks with Grips so Special?

      What makes our kids socks with grips so special? The answer is pretty obvious - they keep your kids safe and allow you to finally enjoy peace of mind. As a parent, it seems as if you’re constantly putting out fires in an effort to protect your kid. This is one less thing you need to worry about. No more slips and falls thanks to the fool-proof silicone grips on the bottom of these socks! And keeping with our mission to provide natural, safe products, we don’t use any sort of glue on these socks to attach the grips. They are made from silicone and then heat transferred to the socks.

      But, our toddler non slip socks aren’t just great for grip - they’re as comfortable as it gets. As a parent to a child with sensitive skin, our founder Melita knew something had to be done about the irritating, uncomfortable socks on the market. Thus, she created her own line of organic kids socks. Taking things a step further, we now offer seamless socks for kids - perfect for those who have sensory issues and can’t stand seams on their feet. No more struggling to get your toddler dressed - in fact, they’ll never want to take these socks off. They’re that comfy! And, you don’t just have to take our word for it - with over 700 five-star reviews and counting, the quality of these toddler non skid socks speaks for itself.

      It’s true - these are the #1 choice for all parents seeking toddler non slip socks. However, the quality of these socks is just part of the reason for our reputation as “the best”. Our mission to change the world for the better is another contributing factor. For every pair of socks we sell, we donate a school meal to a hungry child. This is a purchase you can feel good about.

      Get Your Kids Non-Slip Socks Today to Stop Stressing About Falls!

      Ready to upgrade your kid’s sock drawer? Get the toddler socks with grips they need so that you can relax knowing they’re safe. You may be interested in other categories along with these kids socks with grips. Check out all the organic kids clothes we offer - including organic toddler underwear, toddler merino wool socks, and much, much more.

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