Why seamless socks are for everyone, not just for the sensory kid or the kid with eczema.

Maybe you've heard of seamless socks before. Maybe you came across this article looking for seamless socks because this was recommended by a medical professional or a friend for yourself or your sensitive kid.

Or maybe you are like me (three years ago), with no idea what seamless socks mean but you value comfort and are intrigued by what makes a comfortable sock. 

Either way the goal of this article is to explain to you what "seamless socks" are and how it can really impact your comfort.

Since finding out about seamless socks as part of the design process, we realised what a game-changer this was for comfort. After wearing seamless socks now for nearly three years, I can't even imagine what it would be like going back to socks with a large obtrusive seam across my toes!

Before we go deep into why seamless toes lends itself to maximum comfort for the sock wearer, why don’t we first define seamless toe socks:

What are seamless socks?

Seamless toe socks are socks without a seam inside the toe or where the seam is invisible or barely felt. It is rare to find socks where there is absolutely no seam due to the way machinery to knit the socks are built (unless they are handknit), but the closest you could get to a “seamless feel” is through a hand-linked toe seam – that is extremely flat and barely felt. The pictures below will give you an idea of the difference between what the industry calls a machine-linked toe and a seamless or hand-linked toe seam.

what are seamless socks

Why are seamless socks the best choice for sensory kids? 

Kids diagnosed with sensory processing disorder are usually highly sensitive to their environment. Bright or flickering lights, loud noises, certain textures of food, and scratchy clothing are just some of the triggers that can make kids feel overwhelmed and upset. 

We hear many times, that something as small as the seam going across the toes on the majority of socks in the market is enough to trigger frustration amongst these kids to the point that they refuse to wear socks.

The most recent experience and the reason we decided to do this write-up was after we got asked by a mom to explain and show her exactly what was going on in the toe seam are of our socks:

We did explain to her and she decided to give our socks a try. Here's what she had to say:

Well, it took some time and transition but I have to say that Theo is LOVING his new monster socks! Thank you so very much, Melita, for crafting and sharing such a beautiful and comforting sock. My sweet and loving boy has fallen in love with them. Many thanks and gratitude! Best, Erica Howard Finch"

Why are seamless socks the right choice for those suffering from eczema?

For little ones suffering with eczema, seams on the toe is less of a emotional trigger but more of a trigger for a reaction or flare up. Minimizing the risk of irritation caused by a thick seam rubbing against the skin (especially in the more sensitive toe are) is important for kids suffering from feet eczema. More details on what to look for in socks for those suffering from eczema can be found in our article here  

Are seamless socks suitable for all kids?

The materials and seamless toes however are not something just for kids (and adults) with sensitive feet. They are good for sensitive or sensory kids because of the level of comfort engineered in the socks, something that is important for ANY kid who wears their socks all day, every day – imagine an obtrusive seam rubbing your toes ALL day, or a non-breathable fabric that keeps in moisture all day, or an extremely tight fit resulting in poor blood circulation.

Kids in general are more sensitive to materials and seams than adults. So, if something irritates you, it’s more than likely to be very irritable to your child. When purchasing any form of apparel or shoes for your child, make sure you buy fabrics that are natural, breathable and toxin free (especially if they come in direct contact with skin) and with as few seams or other irritations as possible!

What are the options for seamless socks?

In addition to Q for Quinn socks, there are a few other options if you are looking for seamless socks for kids (or adults). 

Most notably is SmartKnit - a company that claims to have a truly seamless solution based on the knitting process. However, one drawback with SmartKnit socks is that fact that are made from polyester, lycra, not cotton. This can be an issue if you are looking for a cotton sock that also has a seamless toe build. Cotton socks, in particular high quality, organic cotton socks have maximum breathability and since they are made from natural materials there is less liklihood of other skin issues to arise. A more detailed analysis of the benefits of cotton and our comfort features built into our socks can be found in this article.

As a company that cares deeply about our environment and the toxins found in clothing, we also advocate to choose certified organic cotton and/or oeko-tex standard 100 cotton clothing and socks. This will ensure that your little ones socks are not just comfortable but also safe from BPA and Parabens (found in a shocking 90% of children's socks). 


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