Organic Cotton Socks | Why Buy Organic Cotton Socks For Your Baby?

Why buy organic cotton socks for your baby?

Organic Cotton Socks | Why Buy Organic Cotton Socks For Your Baby?

You might wonder for socks of all things why bother choosing organic cotton for your baby?

Here are the three most important reasons to choose organic cotton for socks when it comes to your baby (or even you!).

1) Organic Cotton is Safer 

In a recent study from Spain, 9 out of 10 socks were found to contain BPA and Parabens. Bisphenols and parabens are endocrine disruptors associated with certain dysfunctions that can lead to illnesses in both children and adults

The additional worry for babies, besides the fact that babies are more vulnerable to the exposure is how chemicals can easily be ingested as babies are often found chewing away at their socks like my daughter here:

Organic Cotton Socks | Why Buy Organic Cotton Socks For Your Baby?

The GOTS certification (the gold standard for organic cotton) prohibits the use of parabens, phatalates and BPA. Socks are tested to ensure the absence of these chemicals / toxins in every part of the production process. 

2) Organic Cotton is more Breathable

While not scientifically proven, organic cotton socks tends to be more gentle on the skin. This helps us explain why so many little ones with eczema and sensitive feet react well to organic cotton socks. 
Socks need to be breathable to maintain foot health, and natural cotton is one of the most breathable fabrics available. 

3) Organic Cotton is more Sustainable

Organic cotton socks are not only healthy for us but also healthy for our planet. Organic cotton is grown without the use of toxic and persistent pesticides and synthetic fertilizers.

Why is it healthier for us? By doing our part to minimize environmental impact of our consumption, we are creating a healthier planet for our children and our children's children. 

There are other reasons beside our health that make organic cotton a better choice. One being that organic cotton also tends to be better quality - meaning our socks last longer and there's less need for replacement and less wastage. 

A few definitions:

What are organic baby socks?

Organic cotton baby / kids socks are made from organic cotton vs. conventional cotton. Organic cotton is farmed without the use of pesticides, insecticides, herbicides and Genetically Modified Organisms. 
These toxins are harmful for farmers and workers, us as consumers and entire wildlife eco-systems. 

What is GOTS?

The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) is the worldwide leading textile processing standard for organic fibres, including ecological and social criteria, backed up by independent certification of the entire textile supply chain.

Not just for cotton, GOTS covers all types of fabrics and ensures the processing of fibers and textiles to be free from harmful toxins and chemicals. 

Why buy GOTS certified organic cotton socks for your baby?

As explained above, The three most important reasons to keep in mind is that organic cotton (free from toxins and chemicals) is safer on baby's skin, it is more breathable and it is also more sustainable for our planet. 



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