Why Organic Fabric Matters | Organic Cotton for Face Mask Safety

Why Organic Matters: Organic Cotton for Face Mask

With the new reality of life with face masks comes the range of choices of masks. There is certainly a mask for everyone with different materials, colours and fastening mechanisms. It is important to find a mask that works for you and your kids, and that is comfortable and safe! So, how do you choose the right masks for your family?

What are important mask features? 

There are a few features that set some masks apart, such as 3 layers of fabric (as recommended by health organizations) a pocket for filters, and nose wire. When wearing a mask we want to make sure it fits well, is not fogging up glasses and is actually properly filtering out particles. 

Chemicals in textiles can be dangerous

We have written in the past about the dangerous chemicals found in conventional cotton and other fabrics. If you would like to read more about the chemicals found in clothing and textiles please click here

Because our masks are being worn on our faces with direct access to our airways, it is extremely important to limit our exposure to these chemicals. Not only can these chemicals be harmful to our respiratory system, they can cause skin irritation on our faces. Children may be particularly vulnerable to the toxic effects of chemicals found in textiles because their brain and other organs are still developing.

Untreated cotton or other natural fibre clothing is the safest choice. Organic fabrics and products meant for sensitive skin are less likely to have chemical finishes, or to have chemical fabric softeners used during processing. Look for GOTS  - the highest standards and certification for organic textiles.

Our Philosophy

At Q for Quinn we believe that clothing being worn for long periods of time and closest to the body should be organic cotton whenever possible, such as baby onesies, kids underwear, socks, pyjamas and face masks. Organic cotton means your kids will be exposed to less chemicals and may avoid the negative health risks associated with these chemicals. 

Q for Quinn’s Organic Cotton Masks

Earlier this year we introduced masks to our collection and then began receiving feedback from our customers. This feedback has proven invaluable as we have tweaked our designs to constantly improve! 

While we have changed our fastening system to better meet our customers needs, one thing has remained constant: We use GOTS certified organic cotton for our masks, making them the softest and cleanest option. 

Why Organic Fabric Matters | Organic Cotton for Face Mask Safety

Our masks have:

  • an easy tie fastening system
  • a smooth, secure fit
  • a built-in nose wire (for adults) 
  • 3 layers of organic cotton as recommended by the Public Health Agency of Canada 
  • a pocket for filter 

Read what our customers are saying about our masks:

“I tried a variety of masks from different companies to find one that fits my face. Most pulled my ears forward and many were not wearable. The Quinn mask is by far the most comfortable mask I've tried. Excellent build quality and the long cord allows me to keep the mask around my neck for quick on and off instead of jamming it in a pocket. I highly recommend this mask!”- Ben McColm

“These masks are super. Fully adjustable, and have a strap to keep them secure around your neck in moments when you might be outside and want to take your mask off for a bit. Also, 100% cotton so no skin irritation” - Anna Rothney

“Perfect for little faces. This mask works great for our son who has difficulty keeping larger size masks on his face. We love that they are adjustable and also that they are organic material against his sensitive skin.” - Alicia M

“So soft and comfortable! Easily my favourite masks for all day wearing. Excellent value and great quality” - Donna

To shop Q for Quinn's organic cotton face masks click here.

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