Homeschooling on the Rise: Survey Shows Significant Increase in Interest After School Shootings

  • There is a growing trend of homeschooling across all the US states, as a result of recurring school shootings.
  • Survey reveals that 11% of surveyed parents were currently homeschooling their children, while 15% said they were planning to homeschool in the future.
  • By January 2023 the search queries for "homeschooling" have increased which can be connected to record high school shootings in the year of 2022.
  • According to the survey, the states with the highest percentage of homeschooled kids were North Carolina (28.20%), Florida(22.50%), Georgia(13.40%).

A recent comprehensive survey conducted by experts at Q for Quinn reveals a growing trend of homeschooling across the United States, driven by increasing concerns over school safety, particularly due to recurring school shootings. Parents aged between 35-55 years, with children either in school or soon to be enrolled, were surveyed to identify the number of parents considering or already committed to homeschooling and to uncover the reasons behind their decisions.

The study revealed that 11% of the surveyed parents are already homeschooling their children, while an additional 15% indicated plans to transition to homeschooling in the near future. The top reasons cited for choosing homeschooling are as follows:

  • 34% of parents have chosen homeschooling because of the safety issues in schools, such as school shootings, drugs, and negative peer pressure.
  • 12% of parents are keen on providing religious or moral instruction that aligns with their beliefs.
  • 17% of parents express dissatisfaction with the academic instruction. 
  • 11% of parents desire a more personalized approach to education, tailored to their child's unique needs.

The survey also revealed the percentage of homeschooled kids in different states: 

percentage of homeschooled kids in different states

Q for Quinn's analysis of search data between August 2022 and January 2023 reveals connection between increased "homeschooling" queries and tragic incidents, such as the Uvalde tragedy in May 2022 and the record high school shootings in 2022. This trend was also observed after the mass shooting in Nashville on March 27, 2023.  As seen in the graph, the search trend has grown by 68% during the period between August and January.

homeschooling trend graph

The same trend was also observed after the tragic mass shooting in Nashville on March 27, 2023.

homeschooling trend in march

The survey participants were also asked to mention the main advantages and challenges their kids face while homeschooling: 



Keeping Kids Safe: Homeschooling provides a safer learning environment for children, free from the threat of violence in traditional schools.

Socialization: Providing socialization opportunities for homeschooling children can be a challenge, as traditional schools offer a wider range of social opportunities.

Personalized Attention: Homeschooling allows parents to provide individualized attention to their children, tailoring teaching methods and curriculum to their child's unique learning style and interests.

Parental Burden: Homeschooling can be a significant burden on parents, requiring a lot of time and effort, especially for parents who work full-time or have multiple children.

Flexible Schedule: Homeschooling provides flexibility for families to structure their day to meet their needs and include extracurricular activities, field trips, and breaks whenever they want.

Gaps in Education: Homeschooling parents need to ensure they have knowledge in all subjects or find resources to supplement their own knowledge, to prevent potential gaps in education.

Improved Academic Performance: Homeschooling can lead to improved academic performance in children, according to some homeschooling parents.

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