TikTok's Trending Side Hustles Jobs for New Moms: TOP Picks for Earning Extra Income!

  • As per hashtags like #sidehustle and #sidehustlecheck on TikTok, customer service jobs rank first on the list of side hustles that new moms can tackle, with an earning potential of up to $90,000 per year.
  • New moms have the opportunity to gain $60,000 - $70,000 by doing side hustles like market research, expert  and virtual assistance. 
  • The fun and unique Netflix Tagger gig is a great opportunity for new moms to gain up to $50,000 per year by just watching and organizing video content. 
Top Side Hustles on Tik Tok for new moms

As new moms tackle the challenges of motherhood, many are in the lookout for flexible ways to earn extra income. A new study by the experts at women-owned Q for Quinn company has been conducted to determine the most popular and profitable side gigs on TikTok for new moms. They analyzed hashtags like #sidehustle (with over 13 billion views) and #sidehustlecheck (with over 28.8 million views) to rank side hustles based on their earning potential and popularity among the TikTok mom community. This study also exposes the potential pitfalls of each job, empowering new moms to make well-informed decisions in their pursuit of financial independence.

The table below showcases a variety of side hustle jobs, their earning potential, and the number of TikTok likes they've received, indicating their popularity:


Earning Potential

Tik Tok Likes

  • Customer service 
  • up to $90,000 per year


  • Market research
  • up to $70,000 per year


  • Expert assistant
  • up to $66,000 per year


  • Virtual assistant
  • up to $60,000 per year


  • Tagger
  • up to $50,000 per year


  • Seller
  • up to $46,000 per year


  • Book reviewer
  • up to $44,000 per year


  • Narrator
  • up to $43,000 per year


  • Social media manager
  • up to $40,000 per year


  • Transcriptionist
  • up to $27,000 per year


    From the table, we can observe that the highest earning potential comes from customer service side gigs, with an impressive annual income of up to $90,000. This role has also garnered 202K likes on TikTok, indicating a strong interest among new moms.

    On the other hand, the book reviewer and seller positions have the highest number of TikTok likes at 798K and 580K, respectively, despite their lower earning potential compared to customer service. This suggests that these roles may be more appealing or relatable to the mom community due to factors like flexibility or creative freedom.

    To help new moms find the perfect side hustle, the study listed the top 10 side hustles from highest to lowest earning potential for new moms. The rankings are as follows:

    1. The most profitable side hustle is customer service jobs with up to $90,000 per year earning potential,  which is on par with the national average, but entails challenges like handling difficult customers and meeting performance metrics. For instance, new moms have the opportunity to offer technical assistance and customer support for Apple products through the role of an Apple Home Solutions Advisor.
    2. Market research jobs come in second on the list, with potential earnings of up to $70,000 per year for gathering small groups of people to discuss products or services and platforms like Apex Focus Group offer new moms paid focus group studies.
    3. Expert and virtual assistant jobs come in third and forth on the list and can earn up to $66,000 and $60,000 respectively. Flexible work schedules offered by such platforms as JustAnswer.com and Byron new moms can earn extra income. 
    4. Netflix Tagger is another side gig that provides a unique opportunity for new moms to watch and organise video content, with earning potential up to $50,000 per year. 
    5. New moms can make up to $46,000 per year by offering unique handmade items and vintage goods on e-commerce platforms like Etsy. 
    6. Book Reviewer, narrator and social media manager jobs all offer potential earnings of up to $44,000 per year.  New moms can review books on platforms like Onlinebookclub.com, narrate audio projects on ACX and manage social media accounts, all while having flexibility to fit into a busy mom's schedule.
    7. The last on the list come transcription jobs offering the least amount of earning potential which is up to $27,000 per year. Platforms like Rev.com provide opportunities for new moms to work in subtitling, translating, transcription, and caption creation.

    Melita Cyril, a spokesperson at Q for Quinn, advises new moms to be cautious when considering side hustles: “Side hustles have become increasingly popular among new moms seeking additional income and flexibility in their work schedules. However, it's crucial to acknowledge that these opportunities come with inherent risks. To avoid falling victim to scams, exercise caution when considering job offers that require upfront payments or participation in pyramid schemes. Additionally, email marketing is a common approach for lead generation in most side hustle jobs. TikTok and other social media platforms can serve as useful sources of inspiration and ideas for potential side hustles. With the right precautions and a discerning eye, new moms can leverage these platforms to achieve their financial goals.”

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