Top 10 Sought-After Halloween Costumes of 2023: Wednesday’s is One of Them

  • The Barbie costume is the most popular Halloween outfit in 2023, with a total of 549,000 searches.
  • The Mario hat and Top Gun Ray-Ban Aviators are the most searched accessories.
  • The majority of sought-after Halloween costumes in 2023 are inspired by iconic movie characters.

  • The Barbie costume takes the crown as the most sought-after Halloween outfit in 2023 with an impressive 549,000 searches.

    Experts from Q for Quinn conducted research to identify the top Halloween costumes in 2023 that people are searching for by examining the “pop culture trends + Halloween costume” search counts, as well as analyzing the most searched-for Halloween accessories for each costume featured on the list.

    At the top of our list is the Barbie movie-inspired Halloween costume, with a total of 549,000 searches. The most sought-after Barbie set is the Cowgirl Barbie, which includes hot pink flare pants with a vest top, a white cowgirl hat, a pink bandana, and white boots with gold stars.

    The second most popular Halloween costume of 2023 is the Joker, with 454,000 people looking to recreate this famous movie character for Halloween. To achieve this look, the essential elements are a red jacket and pants, a curly green wig, and clown-like makeup.

    Wednesday Addams claims the third spot on our list with 407,370 searches. Recreating her iconic look for Halloween includes a black mini dress with a white collar, black socks, a double-braid wig, and black Mary Jane heels.

    In fourth place is the beloved classic character Mario, with 333,110 people wanting to dress up as the iconic video game character. Blue overalls, a red t-shirt, white gloves, and, of course, Mario's signature red hat and mustache are the must-have items for anyone looking to complete their Mario costume this Halloween.

    Securing the fifth position on our list of the most popular Halloween outfits of 2023 is Morticia Addams from the Addams Family, with 287,650 searches. To fully embody the Morticia Addams look, the essentials are a long, black gothic-type dress, a long and straight black wig, white face makeup, and a pair of black pump heels.

    Top Gun: Maverick secures the sixth position on our list of the most popular Halloween outfits of 2023, with 210100 people looking to recreate the look.  Top Gun costumes consist of timeless essentials—blue jeans, flight jackets, Hawaiian shirts, work boots, and a pair of Ray-Ban Aviator sunglasses, which are the standout piece of the look and one of the most sought-after accessories.

    Ariel's outfit from The Little Mermaid claims the seventh spot on our list with 128860 searches. The costume features a signature shell cup bikini top and a shimmering fitted skirt with organza trim. Little Mermaid’s iconic red wig and a fork will truly complete the look.

    Eighth on our list of the most popular Halloween costumes of 2023 is Spider-Man. This costume is in high demand with 128,350 searches and consists of a zippered jumpsuit with the Marvel hero’s logo on the chest, Spider-Man helmet, and glasses.

    Buzz Lightyear's costume secures the ninth place on our list, generating interest among 125,470 Halloween enthusiasts. Buzz Lightyear's light-up jumpsuit, helmet, and wand are crucial pieces for replicating the look.

    Rounding off our list at 10th place is Baby Yoda, with 82,620 searches. To complete the Baby Yoda costume, a tan hooded robe, a dark brown shirt front, a soft character headpiece with ears, and green booties are required.