How Thick are Socks for Winter Supposed to be to Keep Your Feet Warm?

How Thick are Socks for Winter Supposed to be to Keep Your Feet Warm?

As winter nears, there are a lot of exciting things to look forward to doing with your family. However, as you partake in more outdoor activities in the coming months like skiing, sledding, and ice skating, this also means you’ll need to step up your sock game for you and your family to avoid freezing toes. 

It’s been said that there is no such thing as bad weather - only bad clothing. That is to say by getting the right clothes, in this case socks, you can enjoy any weather in comfort and style!

Continue reading below as we cover how thick are socks for winter supposed to be to keep your feet warm and toasty. Plus, we’ll explain why Q for Quinn has the best thick winter socks for everyone in the family. 

Does it Really Matter How Thick Your Socks Are?

So, does it really matter how thick your socks are? In fact, it is very important, especially when you live in colder regions where winters are long and temperatures dip below freezing frequently. 

You may feel like you can brave the cold yourself, but if you have small children, you’ll really want to make sure you’re bundling up their feet. So, you will need to pay attention to how thick your socks are, especially if you’re dressing the smaller members of your family. 

So, How Thick are Socks for Winter Supposed to be to Keep Your Feet Warm?

Now you know that your socks should be thicker in the colder months, but how thick are socks for winter supposed to be?

The answer to this will largely depend on the type of footwear you plan on wearing, and may even come down to a personal preference. You don’t want to wear a bulky sock with a tight-fitting shoe that could cause unwanted irritation, even if it does keep your feet quite warm. Even still, you do want to wear thicker socks in the winter than you do in the summer because thinner socks won’t conserve your body heat as well as you need them to when it’s cold outside. 

With that said, thin merino socks will still perform better than thick cotton socks - but we’ll talk more about that later on.

Because of this, you may want to focus on what is the best material for winter socks rather than the actual thickness of the sock. For instance, many people argue whether merino wool socks vs cotton socks are better. But, merino wool and terry cotton are generally both excellent choices for winter socks–which tend to be naturally thicker than other materials anyway. 

So, wearing thicker socks like ones made out of merino wool or terry cotton will keep your feet warmer for longer periods of time than other materials. With this, you’ll need to try out different thickness levels to find what feels the most comfortable to you, pairs well with your choice of shoe, and will keep your feet feeling warm. 

Where to Find Thick Socks to Keep You & Your Family’s Feet Warm This Winter

With a better idea of how thick are socks for winter supposed to be for maximum warmth, let’s go over where you can go to find the best winter socks for men and women, plus for the young kiddos in your life. 

Why Q for Quinn is the #1 Choice for Thick Winter Socks

It’s no surprise that Q for Quinn has the top choice for thick winter socks on the market. We have options for the whole family, with a wide range of sizes, patterns, and colors to choose from to make everyone happy. 

With clean and natural materials made without any harsh dyes or harmful chemicals, our thick winter socks won’t cause any irritation to your skin. So, they are perfect for anyone in your family, even young children and people with sensitive skin. 

Plus, all our cotton and merino wool socks are soft to the touch–and are never itchy! Our heavyweight cotton socks and merino wool socks ensure that your feet stay warm throughout the colder months, while still wicking away moisture to keep your feet dry and free from odors. 

Try Our Merino Wool Socks

For the thickest socks we offer, check out our merino socks for toddlers and seamless wool socks for adults. With wool that’s ethically sourced and ZQ certified, this a great pick not only for your feet, but also for the planet. 

We have merino wool socks available in a number of different styles like ankle and crew. Plus, they’re available in a number of different fun colorways and patterns that make it exciting to put these socks on each wintery morning. 

Additionally, each of our merino wool socks for kids has silicone grips on the bottom. So even though these socks are extremely soft to the touch, you don’t have to worry about your young child slipping on the floor. 

Our Heavyweight Cotton Socks are a Great Choice, Too

If you’re looking for a lighter option that will still keep your feet warm, our terry socks could be the right match for you. So if you’ve always wondered why 100% cotton socks are hard to find, you no longer have to keep searching. 

These all cotton socks allow you to treat your feet with this gentle and soft-feeling fabric that will still help your body conserve its heat during the winter months. Like our merino wool socks, they're available in a number of different colors and shades to fit your style perfectly.

Other Ways to Protect Your Feet from the Frigid Cold 

Aside from putting your family in the best thick socks available from Q for Quinn, there are a number of other ways to make sure your family’s feet stay warm all winter long. Here are some of our tips for toasty toes. 

Stay Indoors When Possible

If possible, you’ll want to keep your family indoors while there are frigid temperatures outside. It can be a good idea to go outside on warmer days to get some sunshine and Vitamin D. However, steer clear of the freezing weather when you can to avoid frozen feet. 

Learn About Sock Layering

When you still want to head outside with your family on a cold winter day, make sure you learn how to layer socks for winter. This will help keep your feet as warm as possible by layering up two or more pairs of socks. Layering socks can be particularly helpful for the younger members of your family because their smaller feet and toes tend to get colder quicker than ours do. 

Don’t Get Your Feet Wet

Lastly, another great tip for keeping your feet protected from the frigid cold is to keep them from getting wet. When you head out for winter activities with the family, if the snow gets stuck in a boot and melts, it will quickly lead to wet socks and freezing toes. 

Make sure to wear the proper boots when you’re heading outside during the winter, and avoid stepping in puddles or other freezing water sources. 

Final Thoughts on How Thick Socks for Winter are Supposed to be

Wearing thick socks in the winter just makes sense. It keeps retaining your body heat as the temperatures drop, and can easily be layered with other socks for even more warmth. 

So for the best thick winter socks, go for the merino wool or heavyweight terry cotton socks we offer here at Q for Quinn. But, this isn’t the only selection we have. There are other collections of socks that you and the whole family can wear all year long, like our seamless socks that feature a flat-toe seam that’s perfect for anyone in your family with sensitive skin or sensory issues. 

Plus, our organic cotton socks for women and men are a great choice no matter the season, and you can even buy matching family socks so everyone can get in on the fun! Shop Q for Quinn today to treat your feet. 

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